Black Shark 4: crazy power and 120 W fast charging?

The Black Shark 4 could well be the smartphone of excess. The device has indeed exceeded 780,000 points on AnTuTu. Better still, the manufacturer is even teasing the presence of fast charging… with a total power of 120 W!

Black Shark is not a very ordinary brand. Since its creation, the company has indeed made a point of offering players the most powerful devices possible.

Black Shark 4 Crazy Power And 120 W Fast Charging
The poster shared by Black Shark bodes well for the charge

Among the first to pay for high display frequencies, Black Shark has also proven that it can innovate with the latest device in its range, a device that had the particularity of carrying its own retractable triggers.

Black Shark 4, the most powerful smartphone on the market?

And now, the time has come to talk about the Black Shark 4, through two different pieces of information.

On Weibo, Luo Yuzhou thus shared a capture made on AnTuTu, a capture showing the score obtained by the version under development of the terminal. The result is easy to comment on, since it reached 788,505 points. Which bodes well for power and optimization.

However, it seems that the man does not want to stop there. He specifies in his message that he is disappointed not to have succeeded in reaching the 800,000 point mark. It would therefore seem that this is the score targeted by the company, a score that would allow the Black Shark to reach first place on the podium dedicated to the most powerful smartphones on the market.

A 120 W load in the program?

There is more interesting however. The brand also shared a poster including several information relating to the battery and the charge of the terminal. According to the latter, the Black Shark 4 should therefore be equipped with a 4,500 mAh battery compatible with 120 W fast charging. It would thus only need a quarter of an hour to fully recharge.

If we are to believe previous rumors, the Black Shark 4 should go quite far technically with an FHD + OLED display and, above all, a Snapdragon 888 specially optimized by the company. We imagine that the chip will be overclocked and that it will also be accompanied by a cooling system adapted to its excessiveness.

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