blaupunkt gtb8200a 75w rms subwoofer review


blaupunkt gtb8200a 75w rms subwoofer review

Benefits of blaupunkt gtb8200a:

Active subwoofer model with integrated amplifier.

Small dimensions for easy framing in the car space.

Provides control for gain, phase and lowpass filter.

Generates strong and deep sound on low waves.

It is easy to install and can be connected either directly to the speakers or to the player.

Carpet style exterior design, for discreet framing in the luggage rack.



If you like to listen to loud music and your car has a closed trunk structure, plus slightly larger dimensions, you might consider that it has a bit of power for you. But for people who just want to be able to enjoy a quality bass, at the usual sound level, the device significantly upgrades the audio experience offered only by speakers.


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