Bosch MCM4100 food processor review

Bosch Mcm4100 Food Processor Review

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The Bosch MCM4100 food processor is the kind of home appliance that would fit very well in the kitchen of a person who respects the specific rules of a healthy lifestyle . People who love to cook in the privacy of their own homes, rarely preferring to dine in the city, appreciate a quality dessert and, last but not least, can't say "NO" to preparing sweets around the most popular. important holidays (Easter, Christmas). Cakes, homemade bread, pies and even pizza will be prepared in two steps and three movements, now, with the help of the Bosch MCM4100 food processor !

Most people who cook often are familiar with the time required for these dishes. Well, this robot not only makes our work easier, due to its versatility, but it will ultimately help us spend less time in the kitchen .

Accessories and endowments

The versatility of this appliance is ensured by the presence of the following accessories included in the package: emulsification disc, slicing disc, shaving disc, citrus juicer, kneaded accessory, pushing accessory and universal knife. As you can easily see, you have everything you need to simplify your kitchen operations.

Bosch Mcm4100 Food Processor Review 2 The blender has two gears, which makes it ideal for making homemade bread. You can use the dough blade at a slow speed to deliver a quality product without making a mess in the kitchen. Let the dough rise in the bowl, after which you can put it in the oven.

This also applies to the preparation of the pizza top . You no longer have to buy from the supermarket those horrible, frozen products, which always spoiled your pizza recipe. Add, in turn, flour, salt, yeast (optional – sugar) and start the robot at low speed. Use the rolling pin to give the final shape of the top and, before putting the pizza in the oven, all you have to do is add the topping!

The stainless steel slicing disc can also help us chop the hot pepper. It will be sliced very thin, so that it can be used in spicy dishes. The thick disc , on the other hand, is ideal for grinding cheese. In addition, the Bosch MCM4100 food processor comes with a cookbook that allows you to try a variety of dishes.

Those who love to use their own oven often will find the Bosch MCM4100 robot very useful. The pastries come out great in just a few minutes, relieving you of the tedious operations of rolling and shaping the dough. The dough will come out very well every time, all you have to do is put it in the oven and serve, for example, the delicious pies prepared with the help of this robot.

The capacity of the blender is 1.25 liters , the bowl measures 2.3 liters , while the maximum kneading capacity is 1000 g. We recognize in this way, therefore, that we would have liked to have a blender a little more generous in size.

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Design and dimensions

Bosch Mcm4100 Food Processor Review 3 At its 390 x 240 x 215 mm and a weight of no more and no less than 4.3 kg , we can say that the storage of the Bosch MCM4100 food processor can become problematic, in the sense that it takes almost a whole cupboard to to "hide". However, it is very successful from an aesthetic point of view and therefore can sit just as well permanently on the kitchen counter. If you opt for the second option, however, all you have to do is release a small drawer for the accessories presented above.

The robot is accompanied by a relatively small bowl . In other words, its reliability is reduced to regular use, but in small doses. Large families can look for other ingenious solutions from Bosch or from other manufacturers in the field.


Considering that it has a robust design , it contains an accessory for each type of operation and, at the same time, considering the rather small vessel, we find the Bosch MCM4100 model ideal for preparing your daily food. It is not exactly the robot you need when you want to cook soups in large quantities, stews or other dishes that require a bowl larger than 1.25 liters. Instead, sweets, homemade bread, smoothies , but also the usual operations of cutting, scraping, kneading or chopping are brilliantly checked by the Bosch MCM4100 food processor !

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