Bosch WTW85530BY clothes dryer review – Condensation and heat pump

Bosch Wtw85530by Clothes Dryer Review Condensation And Heat Pump

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The Bosch WTW85530BY tumble dryer gives us the impression from the beginning that it has arrived from the future. Its innovative appearance , but especially the endowments with which it was provided, make it a rather expensive home appliance , premium class . The product is intended for people willing to spend considerably large sums for the proper endowment of their own home .

State-of-the-art features and technologies , on the other hand, make us think of efficient drying of clothes, regardless of the conditions. Clothes fresh out of the dryer will always be ready to wear , most of the time without the need to use an iron.

The specifications also show that the Bosch WTW85530BY tumble dryer has lower energy consumption than regular tumble dryers . For example, the Bosch WTW85530BY consumes twice as much electricity as the Whirlpool AZB8785.

Design and dimensions

The modern look of this dryer is rendered through 3 extremely important features . First of all, it would be a very capacious , silver-colored tank (maximum capacity of 9 kg). The upper part of the front panel is composed of two distinct areas, namely: the electronic touchscreen display , and on the left side of it is the button with which you can select the desired drying cycle.

We have in front of us a dryer whose design is able to fight effectively against the vibrations generated during its operation, which can be easily hidden in a countertop ( dimensions 84.2 x 59.8 x 63.6 cm ). The Romanian furniture market abounds in 85 cm high countertops, so it will not be very difficult to find what you are looking for!

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Technical details

Bosch Wtw85530by Clothes Dryer Review Condensation And Heat Pump 2 Families made up of many members , but not only, will greatly enjoy the large load capacity of this dryer. 9 kg of laundry , which is enough to dry everything that the car washed in one cycle.

According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the device presented today has a closed ventilation circuit capable of cooling the hot air and condensing the moisture that will finally reach a collecting container . Periodically, when the beep sounds, you will need to empty the container for the subsequent use of the Bosch WTW85530BY tumble dryer under proper conditions.

Automatic settings

This appliance also automatically makes the settings you need at a given time to dry clothes that have just been placed in the tub. The sensors detect the humidity of the clothes and, therefore, directly contribute to a maximum efficiency of the dryer compared to other models in its range.


Moreover, the tumble dryer that is the subject of this review is ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation) certified . Therefore, an appliance recommended for people with health problems, as well as for babies, who we know have extremely sensitive skin and can be easily irritated by wearing washed and dry clothes in not exactly ideal conditions.


Bosch Wtw85530by Clothes Dryer Review Condensation And Heat Pump 3 Furthermore, we find some resemblance between this tumble dryer and the washing machines . It is about the generous palette of drying programs . The strong point is, without a doubt, the presence of those steam-based drying programs. By opting for such a program, you will immediately get rid of wrinkles and, moreover, a few more good minutes dedicated to ironing clothes with an iron.

The various types of fabrics (wool, cotton, synthetics, etc.) have not escaped, in turn, the "radar" of the Bosch Group. People who adopt an office outfit, able to bear the costs of such an appliance, will definitely use the program for shirts and blouses .

We are also delighted by the possibility of refreshing the clothes that were exposed to cigarette smoke, a real problem nowadays, as well as those that have been in the closet for a long time, without being worn. Any drying program is accompanied at the end by an audible signal , which will transmit that the clothes can be used in the shortest time.

Energetic efficiency

The Bosch WTW85530BY tumble dryer consumes on average only 258 kWh (2.12 kWh consumption in the standard program) , being included in the energy efficiency class A ++ . It works in a quiet mode (65 dB) and can offer a pleasant experience to all those who place great value on their comfort.

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