Built-in induction hob Hansa BHI68314 – complete review

Built In Induction Hob Hansa Bhi68314 Complete Review

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The induction hob is one of the main points of interest of a newly renovated kitchen, equipped with modern, which is why we decided today to offer for presentation an affordable model in terms of price , which can be purchased including buyers with a limited budget .

Hansa BHI68314 built-in induction hob , because it is about, has a large cooking surface , booster function and, as we point out from the start, a modern design .

Also an advantage, if you want, can be the fact that it has been listed on the website of many Romanian home appliance retailers, present in the online environment, and you can buy it at the price that will make you smile!

Efficiency and cleanliness

The general opinion of those who have used induction hobs at least once is that they are very effective . The Romanian home appliance market has not yet reached the situation of imposing a trend in this regard, but induction hobs are increasingly present in our kitchens.

Unlike large (and very large) stoves, such an induction hob fully points to the design chapter . They are very elegant and easy to use, as well as their maintenance. With the Hansa BHI68314 induction hob, you will always be happy to cook your favorite dishes.

As a bonus, it's good to know that you won't waste precious time washing the hob afterwards. The cleaning process takes place very quickly , the burnt food being removed extremely easily. Although we are not necessarily talking about a premium model, the surface of the induction hob will always be clean with a minimum of effort.

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Design and dimensions

Hansa BHI68314 makes available to users no more and no less than 4 cooking zones , indicated by means of circles. At the bottom of them you will find the control panel (LED) that contains the cooking power for each area, the button to close / open the hob and two other buttons that you use when you want to set the cooking power.

There is also a timer that will help you work quietly, without worrying that food can catch fire. All you have to do is set the time needed to prepare that dish and you can still see to it. The hob closes automatically when time has elapsed!

Hansa BHI68314 induction hob can be adapted to any kitchen, taking into account its dimensions (5.5 x 57.6 x 51.8 cm) . Give up the stove used for so many years in a row and you will be almost instantly convinced of the efficiency of this appliance . The cooking time is much shorter , in complete safety and benefiting from a design clearly superior to many models of stoves on the market.

Technical details

Built In Induction Hob Hansa Bhi68314 Complete Review 2 Because I also mentioned the power steps , they are 9 in number. For a good management of kitchen operations, when operating several burners simultaneously, specialists recommend using step 7 .

Even if you have used a ceramic hob beforehand, it is recommended to call an electrician to see closely if the electrical installation can cope with this appliance. The cooking power of an induction hob is visibly higher!

The 4 burners (2 small burners and 2 large burners) allow the use of all the cooking utensils that you used before. With a small amendment: the purchase of an induction hob can come with other costs directly related to cooking utensils (pots, pans, etc.). Therefore, take into account a possible budget for the purchase of new pots and pans.

Compared to ordinary cooking utensils , those specially created for induction hobs are a heavier idea. More recently, however, special cooking utensils for induction hobs are properly marked on the shelf, which means that they will be easy to spot.

The Booster function speeds up the boiling of water (the water gets to boil instantly), while the heat maintenance function assures us that we will always eat a hot meal. The food will be kept warm until served. Another noteworthy thing would be that the hob is able to detect the size of the pots , has a child protection system , and the total power is 7400 W.

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