But who is Q, the leader of the QAnon movement?

Four years ago, a conspiracy movement started on the 4Chan and 8Kun online forums. He claimed (with no real supporting evidence) that Donald Trump was secretly fighting a vast pedophile and Satanist ring not only in the United States, but all over the world.

Against all expectations, the QAnon movement now has millions of followers, including thousands of activists who are really very involved on social networks. The movement has recently made a name for itself by organizing a large demonstration to protest against Trump's non-re-election. Indeed for the supporters of the movement, the latter would be the only one able to counter this dark organization whose goal is to "create a new world order".

But who is Q, the leader of the QAnon movement?
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Since then, many have wondered who is hiding behind the QAnon movement. Well, the Swiss start-up OrphAnalytics has seriously looked into the question … and it says that two people are at the origin of the first messages that launched the conspiracy movement.

Q would actually be two people!

OrphAnalytics experts used the statistics of the appearance of strings to determine the author of the messages behind the QAnon movement. "The approach we use is stylometry, but the one we focused on is stylometry of sequences, strings of characters," said manager Claude-Alain Roten. “We are not trying to get out of properties on linguistic units such as words or turns of sentences or syntax. We are looking for information on characteristics that characterize a string of characters. "

The conclusions were quick to come: "The difference in signal is large enough to leave little doubt about the author change , " OrphAnalytics said in a report released last month. Everything therefore suggests that the thousands of cryptic messages are the work of two people and not just one! It remains to be seen who are behind the famous Q!

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A technique that has already proven itself

For those who do not know, stylometry is a technique that aims to describe the stylistic properties of a text based on the use of statistical tools. It is not new, but it has improved a lot since the advent of machines and the results are exciting.

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OrphAnalytics has already used it successfully in the Elena Ferrante case, but also to help solve criminal cases. And this is only the beginning in view of the effectiveness of the technique! In the meantime, investigations continue to try to unmask the duo behind Q …

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