California: Individual faces prison and $ 250,000 fine for hitting police helicopter with drone

Without precaution, using a drone even for leisure can become particularly dangerous. In any case, this is what this accident, which took place in California (United States), proves to us.

In September of last year, Andrew Hernandez , in fact, struck a police helicopter with his drone. This could have caused the death of the entire crew of the aircraft, or even that of many other people if the worst had happened. Remained in hiding since this incident, the authorities finally managed to find Hernandez two months after the incident.

California Individual Faces Prison And 250000 Fine For Hitting Police Helicopter With Drone

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And last week, Hernandez pleaded guilty to the charges against him. He will also be tried on April 12, 2021 and risks a lot in the case. In fact, he could be sentenced to one year in jail , with a heavy fine of up to $ 250,000 .

An accident due to an obvious lack of precaution

So it was last week that Andrew Hernandez admitted the facts, pleading guilty. He said he used his drone to observe a crime scene near his home when the incident occurred. His drone then collided with a police helicopter in the middle of an intervention mission.

According to the information shared, Andrew Hernandez's drone crashed into the fuselage of the law enforcement device. After that, the helicopter had to land urgently. Fortunately, there were no injuries , either on the side of the police or of people who might be around.

However, if the Hernandez craft had damaged the rotor of this helicopter, the turn of this accident really could have been much more serious. This kind of incident shows us that piloting a drone requires a lot of precautions. Moreover, Andrew Hernandez could well soon pay a high price for having missed it.

Hernandez is risking big in this case

Of course, the prison sentence is not guaranteed for this man, but it is far from being ruled out. Indeed, in 2017, in Washington (United States), for an accident case involving a drone, the person in charge was sentenced to 30 days in prison. For once, the individual in question had hit a woman with his device, leaving the latter in turmoil.

And for the case of Hernandez, given the circumstances, even if there were no injuries, the penalties will surely be sizeable, especially since the incident concerns a police apparatus .

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