Call of Duty Mobile grossed over $ 14 million when launched in China

The gaming community recently hosted the thirteenth season of Call of Duty Mobile. This new installment, called Winter War, is making a lot of talk about it because of its performance and for good reason. In the space of a few weeks, he managed to generate millions of dollars.

According to our colleagues from the Sensor Tower site, the new season of Call of Duty Mobile is a huge success in China, where it was deployed on December 25, 2020. From its launch date until December 31, 2020, the mobile game There was over $ 14 million in spending . Globally, Call of Duty Mobile has been downloaded over 300 million times.

Call Of Duty Mobile Grossed Over 14 Million When Launched In China
A scene from Call of Duty

In the space of a few days, this title generated figures that have something to reassure Tencent about its future.

Call of Duty Mobile Rides on Success in North America

In terms of numbers, Call of Duty Mobile's performance is more than satisfactory. Since its launch, this thirteenth season has generated $ 644 million in spending around the world. It should be noted that most of this expenditure was made in North America. Indeed, players from this region of the globe have spent around $ 287 million in the game.

On the other hand, of the 300 million downloads that have been made worldwide, 54 million have been recorded in the United States. For a start, there is something to celebrate. These numbers allowed it to climb into the top 4 of the most profitable games in China.

Call of Duty Mobile shares the podium with PUBG Mobile

We find in the first place of this famous top 4 the title Honor for Kings of Tencent which garnered the tidy sum of 64 million dollars. It is followed by the unmissable PUBG Mobile which peaks at $ 24 million. Finally, in third place we have Fantasy Westward Journey which generated 23 million dollars.

As a reminder, this new season is placed under the sign of winter. As always, Call of Duty Mobile makes new maps available to players. This time around, they will be able to explore two maps titled Nuketown Russia and Raid Holiday.

Call of Duty Mobile season 13 also brought them new characters and weapons.

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