Can I use the mouse and keyboard with Xbox ONE?


Can I use the mouse and keyboard with Xbox ONE?

Xbox ONE consoles are increasingly sought after by TV gaming enthusiasts. They are quite affordable and there are a lot of variants of games adapted for them.

Today, however, we will turn our attention to the peripheral components that you can add to these devices, more precisely to keyboards and mice.

What is an Xbox ONE

This name is given to a line of gaming consoles launched by Microsoft. The first version appeared on the market in 2013, in 13 different markets in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil. Later, in 2014, it began to be marketed in Japan, China and other countries.

Such a console can be purchased with an ergonomically shaped controller, equipped with illuminated buttons, vibrations and the possibility of being powered by a special device or a mini-USB cable, but also by a Kinect, a device used for voice commands, but and movements.

Does the Xbox allow you to connect a keyboard?

These consoles can use a keyboard, but you usually need a wired model because they do not have Bluetooth. The classic devices attached to such a device will not allow the use in games, but will be strictly for navigation.

If you attach a keyboard, you can easily select various applications from the menu, you can easily and quickly type messages or addresses to surf the Internet, video clip names when using platforms like YouTube or Netflix, etc.

Connecting such a peripheral component is hassle-free – plug the USB keyboard into a free USB port on your Xbox.


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