Capcom cyberattack: more victims than expected

Returning once again to the cyberattack of which he was the victim, the Japanese publisher Capcom was possibly not going to announce anything beautiful. We can consider that the fears have been confirmed with the confirmation that this hack could have compromised the personal data of 40,000 additional people.

Last November, Japanese publisher-developer Capcom was the target of a major cyberattack that would have compromised 1 TB of sensitive data . Two days after this intrusion into its business, Capcom had indicated that at this stage of the investigations, nothing suggested “a breach of customer data” .

Capcom cyberattack: more victims than expected

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It was apparently to be wary of the sleeping water since two weeks later, the publisher confirmed "the possibility that additional personal and corporate information was compromised in this attack" . And to see it more clearly, a third-party company had been requested by Capcom for a security inspection.

40,000 more potential victims in the Capcom cyberattack

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 marks the broadcast of a new episode in this dossier. It is indeed on this day that Capcom delivered an update of the investigation. Where we learned that the personal data of 16,406 people had definitely been stolen, a figure up to nine victims since the last report to date.

In detail, reported by VGC , these data relate to the “names, addresses, contact details and information on human resources of 3,248 business partners, 3,994 employees and 9,164 ex-employees”. Stolen items also include sales reports, financial information, and documents relating to game development.

However, no credit card information has been compromised as transactions are handled for a third party provider. In total, this cyberattack claimed 390,000 potential victims, or 40,000 more than last time.

Our colleagues say they have noticed that many of this content, including data on unannounced titles, are still available online. The only benefit that Capcom could make from this massive leak would be to raise the feedback from players who were interested in it closely, with a view to adapting the arrival of such and such a game or content as well as possible.

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