Casper Pillow review

The Casper Pillow, created by the Casper Mattress Company, is one we took a personal interest in and purchased in order to take a closer look. The Casper Pillow is a unique pillow in pillow design made to provide both support and plush, soft comfort. Casper built a pillow designed to meet the needs of every sleeper (no matter which position they roll into). Let’s dive into the Casper Pillow review.

Casper Pillow review

THE CASPER PILLOW design and material

The overall design  provides proper neck support and cervical spinal alignment. The Casper pillow employs a unique pillow-in-a-pillow design. There’s an inner pillow or “middle insert” that gets tucked away and zipped up inside an outer pillow. This dual-layer design offer even pressure relief, and a balance between plush and supportive. The cover fabric of the outer layer of the pillow is  100% pima cotton with a percale weave. This outer pillow  offers a softer, fluffy place to lay your head.  The inner pillow is filled with the polyester based low-friction silky fibers but it offers a firmer, more compact design to complement the softer, longer fibers of the outer layer.

Comfort&Care: Machine Wash and Dry

The Casper Pillow is highly adaptive to respond to your nocturnal movements. With two pillows to provide multiple comfort options. You can choose from plush softness for thinner surfaces, or a more malleable, responsive, thick pillow for better support. Olyfiber washes extremely well without clumping, and it fluffs back up very easily as well. Plus, you can always toss these types of pillows in the dryer for a quick fluff and refresher. Just be sure to follow the instructions to get the cleanest pillow possible and to avoid unneeded stress along seams. Not only does the pillow come with a 100-night guarantee, you also have a 3-year warranty to protect against material defects and poor construction

Although I don’t do much more than just nap when on my back, I found the inner pillow, once removed from the outer, to be the best support for my size. True plush pillows that provide a good underlying support can often be difficult to find, so when a quality product hits the market as The Casper Pillow seems to be, it is worth checking out. The unique design, adjustable lofts, and easy shaping provide an opportunity for all sleep positions to take advantage of.

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