[CES 2021] Lenovo unveils its Miix 630, a 2-in-1 under Snapdragon 835

The fashion for PCs with ARM architectures seems to be taking shape in this new edition of CES. After HP and Asus, now Lenovo goes on the offensive in the sector, with a hybrid powered by a Snapdragon 835. The Miix 630 , that's its name, is positioned as an interesting offer in many respects; and presents itself as a potential competitor to the entry-level Surface Pro – adopting a look similar to what the Redmond firm offers.

The only real weak point of the device will come from its OS. Lenovo has opted for Windows 10 S, which will equip its Miix 630 by default. Naturally, it will be possible to upgrade everything to go under Windows 10 Pro, but it will be necessary to put your hand in your pocket again.

[CES 2021] Lenovo unveils its Miix 630, a 2-in-1 under Snapdragon 835

Lenovo has just announced a new hybrid PC powered by an ARM architecture and a Snapdragon chip: the Miix 630, which runs Windows 10 S by default.

Thanks to the very nature of Qualcomm chips, the Chinese manufacturer's 2-in-1 takes advantage of the “Always Connected PC” label. Understand that like its little comrades running thanks to an SoC from the mobile world, the Miix 630 is natively compatible with 4G LTE. It will therefore be possible to be permanently connected.

The balanced technical sheet of a machine designed for mobility

As for the rest of its technical specifications, Lenovo indicates that its Miix 630 is equipped with a 12.3-inch touch screen and a definition surely fixed to Full HD (this information remains to be confirmed, but The Verge evokes a WUXGA + panel). The hybrid will also have 4 or 8 GB of RAM, while its storage will reach up to 256 GB for the most expensive model.

On the connectivity side, Lenovo makes the mistake of limiting itself to only one USB Type-C input, which may be quite impractical in use. History to increase the storage capacity, a Micro SD port is however available.

The Asian firm announces up to 20 hours of autonomy, it will be necessary to see in use whether this estimate is correct or overestimated (we are looking for the second option). Anyway, we already know that the Miix 630 will land on the market during the second quarter of 2018 – and at the indicative price of 799 dollars, stylus and backlit keyboard included. Microsoft will appreciate …

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