[CES2021] Alienware Area 51m, the modular laptop PC

With the Alienware Area 51m , Dell is clearly looking to give us the possibility of replacing our gaming tower. Primarily aimed at video game enthusiasts, this laptop PC has something to amaze us, especially since it is built to last.

You are wrong if you think CES is no longer made for PCs. Indeed, Dell unveiled during the edition of last week a new laptop that has everything to seduce video game enthusiasts. Called Alienware Area 51m, the product has a diagonal of 17 inches and offers as usual a design highlighting the extraterrestrial side of the range. We find in particular the alien head so dear to the brand on the hood.

Ces2019 Alienware Area 51m The Modular Laptop Pc

Regarding dimensions, Dell's new laptop is 41cm wide, while the depth is 40.26cm. The thickness varies between 2.765 cm at the front and 3.12 cm at the rear. On the scale, the Alienware Area 51m displays an average weight of 3.87 kg. We talk about average weight, because the user can customize it.

If you are looking for a modular laptop PC, then this new benchmark offered by Dell may be the one for you.

A modular laptop PC for gamers

The Alienware Area 51m performs as well as a desktop PC. Its performance can also change in order to best meet individual requirements. As for modularity, it concerns both the processor and the graphics card. Suffice to say that the user can increase the power according to his needs and his budget. At the moment, it is possible to choose between a Core i7-8700, a Core i7-9700K and a Core i9-9900K.

The capacity of the RAM is 8 GB for the entry-level version. It is possible to expand it up to 64 GB.

On the storage side, this new Dell laptop can accommodate three hard drives for a maximum capacity of 3 GB. For the display, there is a 17.3 inch Full HD 1080p screen, which is compatible with the technology of Tobii eye tracking.

Extensive connectivity

On the connectivity side, the Alienware Area 51m has enough to give us the possibility of extending its use. It has ports that are each more useful than the other (USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, mini Display 1.4, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.)

What's also interesting is that an Alienware Graphics Amplifier port is there. All of this obviously comes at a price. Count around 2,500 dollars for the basic model!

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