China claims to have created the world's fastest quantum computer

Chinese researchers have reportedly developed a photonic quantum computer which they named Jiuzhang. This system, said to be the most powerful in the world, is said to be able to do a job 100 billion times faster than the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Its processing speed, based on light particles, would be unimaginable. The performance of this new machine would greatly exceed that of supercomputers from Google and IBM.

China Claims To Have Created The Worlds Fastest Quantum Computer
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In 2019, Google built a computer capable of achieving quantum supremacy and surpassing the world's best supercomputers. Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Hefei seem to have found a way to surpass this record in this new system based on photons.

China is undeniably a leader in the field of quantum networks. To achieve this new feat, his government has invested $ 10 billion in its national laboratory for quantum computing sciences.

A Gaussian boson sampling

While Google's Sycamore uses superconducting materials on a chip, Jiuzhang performs its calculations using optical circuits. His work is called "Gaussian boson sampling , " a quantum computation impossible for classical computers.

The new Chinese device is able to sample Gaussian boson in just 200 seconds. As an estimate, the same calculation would take around 600 million years with Fugaku, the fastest Japanese supercomputer in the world.

“Google's experiment last year was already a major step forward. It was not about photons, but about electrons. It is not comparable, because it is all still in the laboratory stage. "

Olivier Ezratty, a specialist in quantum computing

The merit of this Chinese study is to have shown that quantum computers based on light are more promising than those based on matter.

A frantic race for quantum supremacy

We speak of quantum computing when the computer relies on the properties of quantum physics, and processes data at the atomic scale. This type of device is very different from the computers we use every day. He revolutionized the digital industry in AI, finance, transportation and supply chains.

The scientific community believes that, given the latest advances in the field, quantum supremacy will soon be achieved. Calculations that normally take thousands of years with a single computer could be cleared up in record time. Competition in this area is fierce between the United States, China and Europe, because the stakes are high.

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