Chrome: an extension to consume less data

Google has just launched a new extension designed entirely for Chrome, an extension that should be of great service to anyone who spends most of their time on their Chrome . And for good reason, since this tool will allow them to consume less data.

Called “Data saver (beta version)”, this extension is available on all the latest versions of the browser. It will therefore be possible to use it on Windows, of course, but also on OS X. If you want to install it on your machine, just go to this address and click on the button dedicated to this purpose.

Chrome An Extension To Consume Less Data

This new extension is likely to please a lot of people.

When this is done, a new icon will appear in the Chrome toolbar. The user will not have to do anything in particular on this side since it suffices to install it to take advantage of its features. No need to configure anything, in short.

A transparent and fairly effective tool

As its name suggests, this tool will automatically compress all the pages visited by the Internet user before displaying them in the browser.

The algorithms used seem to be quite efficient. At home, they reduced the amount of data consumed by 20% or 25% on average, based on my early tests. It's not huge, but if your connection is weak, you should feel the difference. Same thing if you log in using your phone as a modem, by the way.

Ultimately, it would not be surprising if this extension is directly integrated into the browser. This is typically the kind of feature that could increase Chrome's likability. Yes, but it should still be noted that Google is not the first to offer a function of this type.

Look, Opera has been offering something like this since 2013. Same thing for Firefox, with the Janus project. However, if you use Chrome on a daily basis, then nothing is stopping you from getting started.

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