Chromixium, the interface of Chrome OS, without Chrome OS

Google has created its own operating system to equip its Chromebook computers. But while the latter have a few advantages, starting with their affordable prices, they also come with a good number of disadvantages. For example, the operating system in question, Chrome OS, is far from the ideal system for anyone who does more than watch kitten videos on the Internet.

But even with its drawbacks, you might like Chrome OS's interface, how it works, and other little details. And after all, we have to admit that this interface is far from ugly. So if you also want a system close to Chrome OS, but without Chromebook, it is quite possible thanks to Chromixium.

Chromixium The Interface Of Chrome Os Without Chrome Os

Chromixium, the perfect mix between Ubuntu and Chrome OS?

Chromixium is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and using the Openbox window manager. The default interface takes the clean lines of Chrome OS, with a taskbar at the bottom of the screen to access current applications and the menu of installed applications.

Side operation, Chromixium uses the same principle as Chrome OS by allowing access to the Chrome Web Store. However, by default, Chromixium does not offer Chrome but Chromium, although it is entirely possible to install Google's browser afterwards.

Otherwise, the interface is quite close to Chrome OS so regulars shouldn't be lost. The big interest of Chromixium for those who appreciate Chrome OS is to be able to install it on a much larger number of machines than the OS of Google.

But the biggest advantage of Chromixium over Chrome OS is surely its flexibility and the applications available: we have access to the entire catalog available on Ubuntu, which represents a good bunch of applications.

If you want to test Chromixium, you can download its image from the official project website . Note that, for the moment, the 64-bit version is available (and works fine with me) but it is not yet considered stable.

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