Clarice, a new spin-off for Le Silence des Agneaux

CBS has released a trailer for its upcoming spinoff series of " The Silence of the Lambs ." Clarice will follow the investigations of Federal Agent Clarice Starling . And the least we can say is that this spin-off of the famous film released in 1991 promises to be rich in twists and turns.

The new CBS detective series has just bought a first trailer. About two minutes long, it gives us a foretaste of what will happen in this adaptation of Jonathan Demme's crime thriller, released in 1991. Remember that thanks to its originality, The Silence of the Lambs won that year the Oscar for best film. The feature film itself is an adaptation of the second installment of a tetralogy created by American journalist and writer Thomas Harris.

Clarice, a new spin-off for Le Silence des Agneaux

Clarice, the new CBS series has just bought a first trailer

The images of the trailer suggest that Clarice will adopt the characteristic features of the film from which she came, except for one detail.

A major absence

Indeed, the series will not feature prominent psychopathic and cannibalistic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter. According to the explanations of Alex Kurtzman, the creator of Clarice (alongside Jenny Lumet), the absence of the character results from a conflict of rights rather than an intentional choice. Therefore, Hannibal Lecter's name will not even be mentioned.

In the film, the role of FBI agent Clarice Starling is played by Jodie Foster, but this time it goes to Rebecca Breeds. As the character is brought in to deal with a case in West Virginia, his native region, his past involving serial killer Buffalo Bill begins to haunt his mind again. Clarice is thus continuing its efforts to fight psychopaths and sexual predators.

About a year after The Silence of the Lambs

The events of Clarice will take place in 1993, a little over a year after those of the feature film. In addition to Australian actress Rebecca Breeds, the series will star Devyn Tyler. The latter will play the role of another FBI agent: Ardelia Mapp. Marnee Carpenter will put herself in the shoes of a victim named Catherine Martin.

Please note that Clarice will debut on CBS on February 11. Unfortunately, no information has been communicated regarding its distribution in France.

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