cleaning tips for microwave ovens


  • 1 Keep it clean
  • 2 Choose the dishes you use correctly
  • 3 Prevents door damage
  • 4 Avoid empty use
  • 5 Try the default programs
  • 6 Observe the weight limits
  • 7 Protect it from overvoltage
  • 8 Replace non-essential parts
  • 9 Seek specialist help when necessary
  • 10 Enjoy long years of use
  • 11 Recommended microwave ovens
  • 12 1. Samsung ME73A microwave oven, 20 l, 800 W, Digital, White
  • 13 2. Samsung MG23F301TAS Microwave, 23 l, 800 W, Grill, Digital, Silver
  • 14 3. LG MH6042D microwave oven, 700 W, 20 l, LED, Silver

How do you properly maintain and clean the microwave? Our tips help you become an expert in the maintenance and protection of the microwave oven .

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven Many people use the microwave daily without thinking about its maintenance or the negative effects it can cause. Unfortunately, the way you use and maintain your microwave oven has a significant impact on its lifespan.

The good part is that only a few good habits can make a substantial difference. On average, a microwave oven has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years and you can expect a similar or even longer lifespan of your oven if you follow the tips in this article.

Keep it clean

One of the simplest methods to extend the life of a microwave oven is to clean it regularly . Many people do not realize that stains from liquids and food can absorb energy, which leads to burns and can even damage certain components of the oven. Most traces of liquids and food can be easily removed with warm water and dishwashing detergent or using a solution for cleaning microwave ovens .

For stains that are difficult to remove, you can try heating a cup of water in the microwave for 60-90 seconds. The resulting steam will help soften the stain and remove it easily. You can easily prevent the microwave from getting dirty by purchasing a special microwave lid or using baking paper to operate the food while it is heated.

Choose the used dishes correctly

Materials that are not suitable for use in the microwave may cause fire or explosion. Therefore, for the sake of safety and the life of your oven, you should only use dishes made of microwave safe materials . You should never put one of the following items in the microwave:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Metal
  • Crockery with silver or gold accents

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven Ceramic, glass or plastic dishes are normally safe to use in the microwave, but there are exceptions. Instead of guessing, look for the "microwave safe" logo that should be stamped on the chosen container or printed on its label.

If you can't find this sign, you can do a simple test to determine if a particular vessel or container is microwave safe. Place the dish in the oven with a cup or bowl of water and heat for a minute. If the dish is hot after this period, it means that it absorbs too much energy and it is not recommended to use it in the microwave .

Finally, if when you heat food you notice that the dish in which it is placed heats up more than food, try to avoid that dish for microwave use in the future.

Prevents door failure

The door is the most abused component of the microwave. It is not possible that at least once you have not slammed the oven door, closed it with your elbow or opened it without stopping the heating process.

All of these actions can damage the microwave door over time . Microwave locks and hinges are much more complex than we think. Some of them simultaneously use up to 3 mechanisms that must close in the correct order. Negligent closing of the oven door can damage the locking systems. On the other hand, opening the oven door while it is operating can cause a short circuit and cause the fuse to burn.

Avoid empty use

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven 1 Using the microwave with nothing inside can cause serious damage . When a microwave oven is empty, the energy produced by it will be absorbed by its own components, such as glass or the magnetron that produces the energy. These components are not designed to withstand intense exposure, and repairing or replacing them may cost more than the oven.

If you want to use the microwave as a timer, look for a model that offers separate timing functions that can operate independently of the oven.

Try the default programs

Most people use the default microwave programs very rarely or not at all. However, these programs are designed to use your appliance as efficiently as possible , minimizing energy losses and heating food as efficiently as possible. Try pre-programmed modes and you may find that not only does the food heat up better, but it will also help you prevent other things that can damage the oven, such as spreading food inside it.

Observe the weight limits

Most of the time, you don't have to worry about the weight capacity of the microwave because most foods and foods are well below that. However, if you want to heat a larger amount of food or defrost a large piece of meat, it would be good to check these limits . These are usually printed on a label on the oven door, found in its manual, or can be found on Google by searching by machine model.

Too heavy objects can block the rotary table mechanism or its motor, in addition to the main components, such as the magnetron. All this can lead to oven failure and improperly cooked or heated food .

Protect it from overvoltage

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven 2 Overvoltage in the mains can be caused by many events, such as lightning, faulty power lines or mains fluctuations. Unfortunately, of all the electrical appliances in the kitchen, overvoltage can be extremely dangerous, especially for the microwave oven.

You can unplug the microwave oven when you are not using it to prevent damage or you can connect it to a socket with surge protection . Protected sockets are the most convenient choice because they permanently protect your electronic and household appliances from an unfortunate event that can permanently damage them.

Replace non-essential parts

Basic maintenance can prevent major failures and reduce the stress of using the microwave. Replacing non-essential parts such as a light bulb, door locks or hinges, turntable, turntable motor and charcoal filters is safe and inexpensive. Most of these problems are also easy to identify .

You can easily forget about replacing the charcoal filter . If your filter looks greasy or if the microwave emits strange odors, then it means that the filter is clogged with grease and needs to be replaced.

Ask for specialized help when necessary

Microwave ovens use complex electronic systems and store significant amounts of energy. The condenser in a microwave oven can store a large electrical charge even after it has been unplugged. This means that you should not try to repair any electronic device on your head if you do not know how – you can cause serious damage to the device and you can be seriously injured. When you have a problem with the microwave, call a specialist or an authorized service center.

Enjoy long years of use

The tips above indicate simple and inexpensive tasks and habits that can make a big difference over time. If you make a small effort to use the microwave oven correctly and keep it clean and in good working order, you will have long-term satisfaction from it for a long time.

Recommended microwave ovens

Below you will find some models of microwave ovens that are of high quality, so they have a long service life and are suitable for easy and fast maintenance.

1. Samsung ME73A microwave oven, 20 l, 800 W, Digital, White

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven 3 Press and save – The Eco button allows you to save energy in standby mode by up to 40%. Just press and save money and energy and protect the planet.
No corners, no dirt – wipe the rounded interior. Because the interior space has no corners , cleaning is very easy, with no stains left.
Three where they are better than one – Our triple distribution system ensures that all foods, from pizza to warm milk, are prepared perfectly and deliciously every time, thanks to the three microwave distribution points .

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2. Samsung MG23F301TAS Microwave, 23 l, 800 W, Grill, Digital, Silver

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven 4

Cooking with fresh ingredients becomes simple – Replace convenient dishes that only need to be heated with healthy , home-cooked food thanks to the Samsung F300G microwave . With the 20 preset cooking modes , you can prepare food in minutes.

Keep the interior clean with ceramic – The F300G microwave oven has a fine ceramic interior that is easy to clean and will not scratch or discolor over time. The antibacterial and scratch-resistant interior is created to last.

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3. Microwave LG MH6042D, 700 W, 20 l, LED, Silver

Maintenance Tips For Microwave Oven 5

Easy cleaning – The oven is easier to clean thanks to the new EasyClean powder coating.

I-Wave – LG's I-Wave system offers improved cooking performance , generating more heat points in the oven cavity.

Eco-On – The Eco-On function allows energy saving when the oven is not running. It can be selected manually, or it will be activated automatically after the first 5 minutes in standby mode .

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