Cloverfield would finally be entitled to a real sequel

Cloverfield may finally be entitled to a direct sequel! Paramount and Bad Robot would indeed have hired the British screenwriter Joe Barton to write the next chapter of the saga. At least that's what our colleagues at the Hollywood Reporter say .

Cloverfield was released in 2008 and it was a huge hit with critics and movie fans alike.

Cloverfield Would Finally Be Entitled To A Real Sequel
Cloverfield is finally going to have a real sequel, finally normally – credits Paramount

Produced by star JJ Abrams, the film also propelled Matt Reeves to center stage, finally giving him the career he deserved.

Cloverfield: a spin-off and a prequel, but no sequel

At the time, there was vaguely talk of a sequel, but the project never materialized. The two films that saw the light of day in the following years were indeed more of the spin-off or the prequel.

10 Cloverfield Lane , for example, came out in 2016 and it came in the form of a closed door focusing on a small group of survivors. As for the excellent The Cloverfield Paradox , released this time in 2018 on Netflix, it took place before the events mentioned in the original film and its main purpose was to explain them.

Subsequently, some sources did mention another film, without this happening.

And today, it's the turn of the Hollywood Reporter to put a part back in the machine.

A sequel whose story would be signed by Joe Barton

According to an article published late at night, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot have finally decided to make the project a reality and offer, finally, a real sequel to Cloverfield. Better yet, the two partners would have even found their screenwriter, in the person of Joe Barton.

Joe Barton started working in 2014 by signing the plot for the first season of We, the Men of 14-18, a British mini-series that focused on the English soldiers who intervened in World War I. He then worked on episodes of Humans, but also on feature films like iBoy, My Days of Mercy or Le Rituel.

And now, he would therefore be approached to take charge of the script for the Cloverfield sequel, a sequel which should be a little different in its form since it would abandon the “found footage” style and approach a more traditional format.

Still, at this stage, nothing has yet been confirmed by the main stakeholders. We will therefore have to wait for a possible declaration from Paramount or Bad Robot to know if this project really has a chance of succeeding.

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