How to play Google Stadia on your iPhone or iPad

Google Stadia is back on iOS, to the delight of iPhone and iPad owners. And if you want to access the service from your iDevice, but you are not sure how to proceed, then this tutorial should be very useful for you.

Apple, as we know, has a very strict enforcement policy. When a publisher wishes to offer one of his creations on the AppStore, he must indeed make sure to follow to the letter all the rules imposed by the American giant.

How To Play Google Stadia On Your Iphone Or Ipad
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And of course, Apple makes no exceptions, not even for the other giants in the middle.

Google Stadia is back on iOS

Google and Microsoft both paid the price last year. xCloud and Stadia were both kicked out of the AppStore due to the fact that they offered access to games that had not been validated by the App Store teams.

At the time, the two giants had promised to find a solution. Now it is done. At least for the first one.

Google announced the return of Stadia to iOS last month . A few weeks have passed since then, and the deployment is finally effective on all user accounts. All people subscribed to the service can therefore find their library of games on their iPhone or, better, their iPad.

How to access Stadia on your iPhone or iPad

The procedure, for its part, is not very complicated and it ultimately takes a few steps:

  • Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Enter the address in the address bar;
  • Confirm your choice;
  • Log into your Stadia account;
  • A welcome message welcomes you.

The message in question doesn't just roll out the red carpet for you. It also explains that your entire Stadia library is now accessible through your browser. To take advantage of it, you just have to go down on the page and type on the title that interests you.

To avoid having to repeat the above procedure each time, it is also possible to create a shortcut on your home screen.

Once again, the procedure takes a few steps:

  • Open Safari;
  • Log on to;
  • Sign into your account ;
  • Tap on the share button;
  • Select the option "on the home screen".

From this moment, a new icon will appear on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. It takes on the look of the service and it allows you to access Stadia in one press.

Google has done things well. The firm has indeed managed to remove all interface elements of the browser to give the impression that we are facing an application. And of course, the functions don't change. At the top you will find a button that will allow you to connect a controller.

Note that Microsoft will apply the same strategy for xCloud.

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