Condensing dryer Beko DU7133GA0 – full review

Condensing Dryer Beko Du7133ga0 Full Review

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The washing machine is extremely useful in a household, saving us a lot of hassle, but more and more often the problem of fast drying clothes occurs. Summer is probably the only season in which we do not raise this issue. This is not true for the rest of the year, especially in winter , in the cold season. And autumn or spring , by the way, when the unfavorable weather (rain, cold weather) visibly makes our work more difficult.

This is the moment when we realize, practically, how useful a Beko DU7133GA0 condensing dryer is. It has a lot of programs depending on the specifics of each item of clothing thrown in the washing machine.

The characteristics of the Beko DU7133GA0 dryer are top notch and represent a guarantee that we will not have to wait extra hours for the clothes to dry just when we really need them.


The white color of the dryer and the design of this appliance will fit without problems in relation to the other decoration elements of your home. Drying programs are to be selected using the rotary knob to the left of the LCD display . And because we still mentioned the electronic display , it shows us the various options, as well as the time for each drying program.

Loading the dryer with clothes (completely wet or damp, washers) is done in a convenient way, like the washing machine. The door opens, which occupies a large part of the front panel, and the clothes will be placed in the tub.

Technical specifications

Condensing Dryer Beko Du7133ga0 Full Review 2 From a technical point of view, the Beko DU7133GA0 tumble dryer has a maximum drying capacity of up to 7 kg . You have at your disposal no more and no less than 16 drying programs. As in the case of washing cotton clothes , they occupy a special place in the drying process. Also, for delicate clothes there is a special program , the thicker fabrics (jeans, for example) will fall under the Jeans drying program.

The Beko DU7133GA0 condensing tumble dryer is a solution worthy of consideration for young families with babies. See the Baby Protect drying program . Temperature and humidity sensors do their job here, drying clothes in a controlled and safe environment .

The anti- crease function makes all users who want to get rid of the ironing machine smile. It starts automatically at the end of each drying program, which means that the clothes can be put on as soon as they have left the dryer. The drum acts gently, without sticking the clothes to each other.

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Condensing dryer

Beko DU7133GA0 is also an excellent alternative to heat pump dryers. The latter are labeled at a much higher price on the websites of Romanian home appliance retailers and, therefore, inaccessible to many consumers eager to have a high-performance dryer.

Plastic speaking, condensing dryers are nothing more than larger air heaters, which continuously blow hot air through the drum (Aquawave) . Energy consumption is higher precisely because of the amount of heat released.

Condensing Dryer Beko Du7133ga0 Full Review 3 The beautiful part of this intuitive home appliance is that you don't have to memorize the settings needed for each type of fabric. The initial duration of the chosen program may change over time. The reason? It all depends on the condition of the clothes placed in the dryer.

Longer drying time for the wettest (high humidity), respectively fewer minutes for thinner clothes and, implicitly, less wet. As we pointed out above, this is related to the humidity sensor.

On the other hand, we list the other 4 programs with a fixed duration: 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes. If in the programs with variable duration there is the possibility that some clothes do not come out completely dry, following to give them another 10-20 minutes of additional drying, the 4 programs seem to be quite effective in this respect.

Conclusions and price

A small inconvenience of the Beko DU7133GA0 dryer can be considered the audible signal announcing the end of the drying cycle. It is not strong enough compared to other models we tested.

The affordable price of the dryer , on the other hand, will urge many to make such a purchase. Heat pump dryers are more expensive , but do not consume as much electricity as condensing. According to studies in the field , the price difference between the two types of dryers is canceled after about 1000 dryers.

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