Covid-19: a cocktail of antibodies to benefit from immunity to the virus

British scientists have developed a new treatment for Covid-19 . This is a drug based on a mixture of antibodies that would provide instant immunity to individuals carrying the virus.

The fight against SARS-CoV-2 is apparently far from over despite the vaccination rush . The emergence of new strains of the virus all over the world may complicate matters. Fortunately, despite this difficult reality, scientists continue to make efforts to find effective solutions to control once and for all this pandemic which has already claimed the lives of more than 1.7 million people since its appearance in November 2019. This is the case of a team of British researchers including Dr Catherine Houlihan, virologist at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust (UCLH).

Covid-19: a cocktail of antibodies to benefit from immunity to the virus

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As The Guardian notes, said team has developed a drug that has the particularity of containing antibody molecules capable of neutralizing Covid-19.

A treatment that aims to stem the spread of the coronavirus

According to experts, this drug could save lives. It could be used as an emergency treatment on patients who are suffering from severe forms. It would effectively confer instant immunity against Covid-19. Given this ability to fight the virus, scientists are already imagining an administration to the elderly or even university students whose community life facilitates the transmission of the infectious agent.

People living in the same household as a sick person could also receive treatment. You should know that this drug is the result of a partnership between UCLH and the AstraZeneca laboratory. Working in close collaboration with the University of Oxford, the latter is also at the origin of a vaccine awaiting validation.

An effectiveness of 6 to 12 months?

Scientists hope that this treatment will give the person receiving it immunity for 6 to 12 months. In addition, it could be used with the vaccine as an additional prevention.

“The benefit of this drug is that it gives you immediate antibodies , Houlihan said. "If we can prove that this treatment works and prevents people exposed to Covid-19 from developing the disease, it would be a remarkable addition to the arsenal of weapons being developed to combat this terrible virus," a- she added.

In the event of a favorable opinion from the UK Medicines Regulatory Agency, the treatment will be launched in March or April 2021.

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