Covid-19: the Covid language, a new symptom to be blamed on the disease?

Covid-19 is linked to quite a few different symptoms. Among the best known, and most common, are fever, breathing difficulties or migraine and loss of taste and smell. However, there are many others, as discussed in this dossier .

More surprisingly, it also happens that doctors spot new symptoms and that seems to be the case here.

Covid-19: the Covid language, a new symptom to be blamed on the disease?
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It all started with a photo shared on Twitter by Tim Spector, an epidemiologist working for King's College London.

Covid-19, a disease linked to many different symptoms

The image, anonymized, showing a patient sticking out his tongue. Tongue on which it was possible to see many unusual white spots and resembling no known symptoms.

The epidemiologist specified in his message that his patient had Covid-19 and that he believed that these strange spots were in fact a new symptom of the disease. A symptom soberly baptized “Covid Language” by him.

But the doctor did not stop there and he also explained that about one in five patients with Covid-19 had less common symptoms, and especially symptoms not appearing on the official lists of global health organizations. Among the symptoms cited are in particular skin rashes which have appeared in some patients and which could testify, according to recent research, of a very strong immune response.

The importance of getting tested in case of doubts

As a result, Tim Spector advises people with this type of stain on their tongue to exercise extreme caution and isolate themselves to avoid infecting loved ones. It also encourages them to get tested as soon as possible to confirm or deny their infection.

It should still be noted that Tim Spector is at the head of a specialized application, an application called Zoe Covid Symptom Study. Once the tool is installed on their smartphone, people with Covid can report their symptoms. The data are then crossed and analyzed in order to better follow the evolution of the disease.

Remember also that Covid-19 takes many different forms. If in doubt, it is therefore best to immediately consult your doctor and schedule a test.

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