Cyberpunk 2077: When a Bug Makes You Run Faster Than Cars

On December 10, 2020, a first-person action-RPG video game developed by Polish video game developer and publisher CD Projekt RED, titled Cyberpunk 2077, was released. It is a game based on the Cyberpunk 2020 series by American video game designer Mike Pondsmith and features a dystopian futuristic world in which technology coexists with a degenerate human society.

In this game, the player embodies "V", " a (e) cyberpunk surviving in a world where cybernetic warriors, gifted netrunners and hackers of personal and confidential data jostle each other " and in which has the mission to " become a urban legend ”explains CD Projekt Red.

Cyberpunk 2077: When a Bug Makes You Run Faster Than Cars
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Like in most video games, there will be a time when your character will have to run through streets and obstacles.

Except that Cyberpunk 2077 players recently had fun using a bug that allows V to run faster than any other game character, and even faster than cars!

A bug that players used to their advantage

Indeed, Cyberpunk 2077 players have discovered a bug in the game that allows them to make V run and jump at a breakneck pace.

According to Eurogamer , this is to equip the Maneuvering System cyberware mod in one of the locations dedicated to the nervous system.

This mod can be obtained at the Octavio Clinic in Arroyo, Santo Domingo and allows you to jump in the air or trace on the road.

Reddit user Strikielol posted a clip of "V" in action and explained that you just need to jump and dash before you hit the ground to move fast. And the more momentum you gain, the faster your character will move. Another video has also been posted on YouTube where you can get a glimpse of this new "technique".

Cyberpunk 2077, involuntarily compared to "The Flash"

YouTuber Max Dakka combined two cyberware mods, the Maneuvering System and the Reinforced Tendons to gain height for his character during jumps. He also challenged the Cyberpunk 2077 community to set a speed record while crossing the Night City ring road. A player nicknamed Cold Cypher, completed the challenge in just over three hours.

But this record was quickly broken by YouTuber Waffletaco who completed the Night City Beltway challenge in a record time of less than two minutes. This YouTuber claimed that he discovered these "tips" two days after the game was released.

Because of this bug, or because of it, Cyberpunk 2077 gamers had fun saying that CD Projekt RED unintentionally made the best “The Flash” game ever.

In the meantime, know that our Cyberpunk 2077 test is available here .

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