Darktable is finally available on Windows!

Good news for PC users who don't want to break the bank on the costly Adobe Lightroom software. The RAW Darktable development software, which until now was only available on Mac and Linux, is now available on Windows in version 2.4. The big plus of Darktable is that it's free and open source.

This software will therefore allow its users to process their RAW files, edit their photo or even plug in their device and control it in real time without putting their hand in the wallet.

Darktable is finally available on Windows!

Available since 2009 on Mac and Linux, this software only made its debut on Windows recently, despite the fact that many photographers have been asking for a version compatible with this operating system for several years. At the time, the designers of Darktable had justified the absence of the software on Windows by the lack of programmers able to ensure its maintenance.

Today, thanks to the arrival of Peter Budai, a developer who has just joined an already formed team of 15 people, Darktable is now available on Windows.

Features missing from version 2.4

The new version of Darktable has been improved by the developers who have removed all the bugs present on the previous versions and who have changed some features of the software. The only downside is that the team of developers who worked on version 2.4 announced the absence of certain features.

"At the moment, there are still some features missing (for example, there is no printing support), there are some limitations (tethering requires the installation of special drivers) and some bugs (import and export TIFF), non-ASCII characters in file names. But overall, we're pretty sure it's already usable and hope you enjoy it. "

New improvements

Despite these missing features, the developers of the new version of Darktable have made major improvements to version 2.4. In particular, users will benefit from a new module for removing haze, intelligent grouping of undo steps and non-destructive retouching.

Despite its performance, some users who have already tested version 2.4 of Darktable agree that the software is less ergonomic and intuitive than Adobe Lightroom. The major advantage of Darktable therefore lies above all in its free access.

After this first test on Windows, the developers of this software will certainly make the necessary improvements in the next versions.

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