In one of her audio clips, Deborah Lippmann stated that these polishes are made from organic and green tea and have all of the ingredients in their gel pro laboratory manicure base and topcoat.

Therefore, I believe that when using this gel pro polish one can skip the base and topcoat. That’s what I do, really! However, using a base and topcoat has more advantages, such as preserving the protection of the nails and polishing can last much longer.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Review

  • A lovely peach cream tone antique.
  • Includes 10 safe, vivid, and enduring active ingredients in the color of the polish.
  • My fingers are pigmented.
  • Both skin tones are matched with this hue.
  • My pigmented nails have two coats that offer an opaque finish.
  • New brush contour technology makes application simple and smooth.
  • The brush round tip allows for effective application and total coverage.
  • Strike free application is possible with extra bristles.
  • The packaging is certainly easy to fly.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Review

I got a special package for days after I began my two-year addiction to gel manicures. The Deborah Lipmann Gel Lab Package ($45) is a safe alternative to the harmful, dry, fragile and super-thin soak-off formula.