Dell is preparing something interesting for us. And it's called Janus…

While Microsoft would sneak up a brand new smartphone for us, another firm was working on the biggest secrets on a new mobile device. This is Dell . The Texas IT giant has already been working for about a year on a new terminal, built around an ARM platform and probably working under Windows 10. Its code name? Janus.

This is in any case what ZDNet US indicates in an article based on information collected – in particular – by the Teutonic site Winfuture . We learn that this famous Janus Project would have two screens and a certain Snapdragon 850 (which has not even been officially announced yet). Qualcomm's next high-end SoC would also benefit from both 5G connectivity and a 7nm engraving process signed by the Taiwanese TSMC.

Dell is preparing something interesting for us. And it's called Janus…

It seems that the American manufacturer Dell has been working in secret, and for almost a year, on an unusual device about which we hardly know anything … except that its name is Janus.

The feat in all of this is that Winfuture has managed to dig up what appears to be a schematic of the device developed silently by Dell. We discover a small terminal, which we can visibly fold in half. What quite frankly recall the Foldable Surface project that Fred had told you about a few months ago, as well as the renderings that had been developed in the wake for this device.

Janus, the Roman god with two faces

Interestingly, the name of this project would not have been chosen by chance, the Roman deity Janus being provided with two faces, in the same way – in a way – as the device concocted by Dell, which would embark for its part. two screens.

In order to support the existence of this dual-screen terminal a little more, ZDNet recalls that its name, Janus, was spotted in a leaked application which also alluded to the two screens of the Dell-stamped device.

Finally, it should be noted that, according to Winfuture, the Janus Project would embed certain components that are usually found in smartphones or tablets (gyroscope, accelerometer and GPS in particular), which naturally reinforces the thesis of the nomadic device – and not that of a “simple” laptop.

With a Snapdragon 850 inside, what is moving towards an “Always connected” type device would be significantly more efficient than current machines based on an ARM platform. For the time being, the latter often carry a Snapdragon 835 which can only compete with entry-level Intel chips.

Dell is preparing something interesting for us. And it's called Janus…

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