Dell just introduced a 40 inch 5K screen

Dell is back with a screen that is likely to catch the eye of a lot of people. It has the particularity of reaching 40 inches and being able to display a definition in 5K.

The UltraSharp Curved 5K therefore has strong arguments in its favor, starting with a minimalist and clean look. Here, Dell has chosen not to be ostentatious. The back of the screen is thus dyed in a neutral gray and the same goes for the foot, a central foot which has the merit of being quite narrow and which can therefore easily fit on a booster.

Dell Just Introduced A 40 Inch 5k Screen
The Dell UltraSharp Curved 5K front and back

A charming attention. The display will also support the VESA standard so it can be mounted on a stand. As long as you find one resistant enough to support the weight of this mastodon.

The Dell UltraSharp Curved 5K, a 40-inch 5K curved display

Dell did not skimp on the technical part. The screen therefore reaches 40 inches and the manufacturer has opted for a curved panel, a panel capable in addition to reaching a definition in 5K, or a resolution of 5,120 x 2,160.

Enticing, isn't it? Certainly, and it is not over yet. Designed for creatives of all stripes, the screen also supports 100% of the RGB color space and 98% of the DCI-P3. Photographers and videographers should pay attention to this argument.

Another special feature is the Antu KVM function which allows the screen to control two inputs at the same time, or the webcam cover which can be opened or closed depending on our requirements at the time.

A price that goes with the technos offered

Less interesting, the screen also has two speakers of 9W each, but let's be clear, you will have every interest in opting for a sound system worthy of the name.

It now remains to evoke the delicate question of price. And there, however, the news is less good. The UltraSharp Curved 5K will indeed be offered on January 28 at $ 2,099, and probably a similar price in euros. It will therefore not be given. Now, given all that it offers, there is still something to be tempted.