Dell Latitude 7285, the two-in-one that charges wirelessly

Dell innovates once again and launches the Latitude 7285 , a hybrid machine not quite like the others. It is indeed equipped with a wireless charging system and it will therefore not be necessary to physically connect it to a power source to recharge its battery.

Relatively classic, the Latitude 7285 looks like all the brand's other products and thus comes in the form of an imposing tablet with impeccable finishes.

Dell Latitude 7285 The Two In One That Charges Wirelessly

Dell did not look at the expense and thus chose to equip its slate with a beautiful dark metallic dress.

Dell launches hybrid with wireless charging

Usable as a conventional tablet, the Latitude 7295 can also be transformed into an ultrabook thanks to its docking station, a station with a full keyboard and a large glass touchpad.

As often with the brand, several configurations will be offered. At best, the tablet will be able to integrate a 12-inch screen capable of displaying a definition in 2880 x 1920 and an Intel Core i7 coupled with 16 GB of RAM. The storage space can reach for its part 1 TB in flash format, all for a weight of 680 grams.

Relatively limited, the connection will be based on a headphone jack and two USB Type-C ports placed on the edges of the terminal.

This is not the most interesting, however. The Latitude 7285 will be accompanied by an accessory in the form of an induction charging plate. It will therefore suffice to put the computer on it to recharge it.

A high price

The system is interesting, but it is not perfect.

Wireless charging technology is not actually integrated into the tablet, but into the optional keyboard. It will therefore not be possible to reload the slate by placing it directly on the load plate. In addition, Lenovo has opted for a fairly high price positioning.

The tablet will indeed be offered from $ 1200 without accessories.

The keyboard will cost $ 380 and the charging plate $ 200. The user will therefore have to pay a minimum of $ 1,780 for the full set, a price equivalent to that of the first Surface Book. Of course, the more advanced configurations are likely to be even more expensive and therefore not everyone will be able to benefit from them.

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