Do yourself good with this massager at 24 €

Tired of contractures after sports? Need to relax ? No problem, this offer is made for you. The pistol massager is indeed offered at a price of 24.27 € at Gearbest with the code GB $ MUSGUN .

The code in question will be entered, as always, during the order validation step. The product, for its part, will be shipped from China, but it will be accompanied by a charger in European format. Delivery times are also a little shorter than normal and shipments will start on Friday.

Do Yourself Good With This Massager At 24 E
This electric massager can also relieve the muscles

The set up offer is only available for this week. On the other hand, nothing says that the discount coupon will work that long.

The pistol massager at a knockdown price

You probably already know this pistol massager. He comes back very frequently to Gearbest, with always very attractive offers.

As its description indicates, this massager therefore takes the form of a pistol and it will thus offer a very good grip. The accessory is massive and it will suffice to squeeze its trigger to animate it.

There is more, however. The head is not welded to the rest of the structure and can therefore be changed as needed. The masseur will therefore adapt to the muscle to be massaged. Some tips will allow you to work on the face to relax, others will work on the muscles.

Totally electric, the pistol massager also has the particularity of carrying its own battery. A battery that will allow it to last between two and three hours. The motor is robust and it will allow the masseur to reach 1200 revolutions or even 3300 revolutions per minute. In all, it offers six speeds to suit all tastes.

Only downside, the structure of the massager is made in a fairly light plastic. For the rest, it is difficult to find so complete. At least at this price.