Donald Trump blocked on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Donald Trump has let himself go one too far. Yesterday, following the riots on the Capitol and after several lunar messages, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram decided to block the current tenant of the White House for a specified period.

You will not have missed it, but the United States has entered a period of transition. The last presidential elections ended with the victory of candidate Joe Biden. Donald Trump must therefore leave the White House and leave him the keys of the premises.

Donald Trump Blocked On Twitter Facebook And Instagram
Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

The supporters of the current president do not seem to hear it the same way, however. Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered to take possession of the Capitol.

Donald Trump can no longer post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The demonstrators were numerous and they quickly managed to overwhelm the security teams. The Capitol was then invaded by hundreds of people and the situation very quickly got out of hand. Many people were injured and a woman from California was even shot dead by police.

Donald Trump could have tried to calm the situation down, but he didn't really do it. At least not as it should have been. Far from denouncing the action, the current president thus called on the demonstrators to return home while evoking “an election which has been stolen from us”.

And he continued like this for a good hour, not forgetting to ask his supporters “to remember this day forever”.

Messages too lunar and too dangerous

The moderators of the social networks on which Donald Trump was active were therefore obliged to react. Twitter was the first to strike by locking the president's account for 12 hours after three tweets deemed “serious violations” of his policies. Facebook and Instagram then followed by making the same decision, this time for 24 hours.

For the next few hours, therefore, Donald Trump is condemned to remain silent. The whole question now is how he will react when he regains access to his accounts.

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