DOOM comes to Fall Guys with exclusive cosmetics

The players enjoyed themselves in 2020 despite a gloomy year, under the sign of COVID-19. During the first lockdown, DOOM Eternal was released, largely meeting the expectations of those who enjoyed the 2016 remake. Once again Id Software, under the umbrella of Bethesda, did a great job of making this game even more edgy. , compared to its predecessor – a great achievement. A longer, more complete, more ambitious game, which has largely won over . For those who prefer a little more " sweetness ", Fall Guys was the opportunity to play online with people from all over the world. Sort of Takeshi's Castle, 60 players must compete in different crazy challenges until the victory of one of them. A Battle Royale, to summarize roughly.

And as ScreenRant reports, DOOM is coming to Fall Guys!

DOOM comes to Fall Guys with exclusive cosmetics

Credit: Devolver Digital

A lot of cosmetics are to be expected, as always.

Fall Guys puts DOOM in the spotlight with an unexpected crossover

This isn't the first time Fall Guys has invited prestigious names. The online game had already put Sonic in the spotlight and offered his own skin to Ninja , a famous streamer popularized by Fortnite. But today, it is DOOM that is making a nice place. The cross between one of the best-selling games of 2020 and a Battle Royale that has seen increasing success, in the tradition of other titles like Among Us or Phasmophobia.

The developers of Fall Guys have already presented a first costume visible below and inspired by the Cyberdemon of DOOM. A gigantic enemy with a laser cannon instead of a hand. Obviously, crossed in Fall Guys, the creature appears much more adorable and sympathetic. But don't be fooled since in online gambling there is only one winner, and all (low) shots are allowed.

The two upcoming costumes are still unknown, but the silhouettes allow us to get a little idea . For cosmetics in the center, we obviously think of the Doom Slayer, a famous character who smashes demons in his path. The rounded shape of the silhouette on the right suggests a Cacodemon with its roundness.

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