Dragon Ball case: the purge was organized by a stalker

On January 8, 2021, the twitterosphere was shaken by the Dragon Ball affair. During this day, many users saw their account suspended after posting fan arts, gifs, images or videos related to the franchise . Before their account was suspended, they received a notification apparently from the Japanese publishing house Shueisha.

After this action which was akin to a real purge, several twittos have expressed their incomprehension on the web. For them, the culprit could only be Shueisha:

“If you wake up this morning, you are in a world where Shueisha decided overnight to strip all accounts using Dragon Ball. "

A few days after the media coverage of this matter, we learn that Shueisha had nothing to do with the suspension of all these accounts.

Dragon Ball case: the purge was organized by a stalker
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The manager was actually a stalker who wanted revenge on a streamer .

Elements that suggest a hoax

Shueisha's honor was finally washed away thanks to the revelations of a surfer named @newworldartur. On January 10, 2021, he posted screenshots of a text titled "The Truth About Shueisha's Copyright Hoax." He explains that the famous publishing house is in no way responsible for the suspension of accounts on Twitter.

@newworldartur notably underlines the fact that the law does not penalize the publication of “partial content” from the saga. He added that this action could not be taken by a bot. Indeed, according to him cosplay images have also gone by the wayside.

“It's impossible to think that a bot can confuse a human and a manga character,” one reads.

Especially since there were very few accounts affected by this measure. So it couldn't be a bot.

The truth comes to light

Further research uncovered that it was actually the work of a stalker who wanted revenge on streamer Jessix. The latter, not having achieved his ends with Jessix, therefore decided to harass her and usurp the identity of a claimant. The streamer posted a video in which she explains what really happened.

"It appears to be a targeted attack that looks like the one that hit most of the people I am namely Brittany Venti, AugieRFC, Whang, DSP, SophNAr and many others", can we read on his Twitter account .

Dragon Ball fans therefore have nothing to worry about and can continue to post as many images and gifs of the saga as they wish.

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