Dragon Quest Builders 2 Leaked Xbox Game Pass

The month of April has not yet come to an end that we are learning a little more about the Xbox releases planned for next May: several Internet users have noted the presence on the Microsoft Store of Dragon Quest Builders 2 , a title whose release on these platforms and Windows 10 has not yet been officially announced by its publisher Square Enix.

This spin-off of the famous JRPG franchise would also be one of the additions for the next May for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, on the day one of its release…

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Leaked Xbox Game Pass

Square Enix

There is little doubt about this discovery: the game's page on the Microsoft Store , which can be viewed by anyone, indicates a release date set for May 4, as well as the mention of its presence in the Xbox Game. Console pass, but also PC. Dragon Quest Builders 2 will most certainly be announced alongside other games during Microsoft's bimonthly report for its service, but we'll have to wait a few more days to find out more. Charged € 49.99, the title also bears the mention of Xbox Play Anywhere, confirming the possibility of continuing his game and sharing his achievements on Xbox and Windows 10 consoles.

To remake the world, literally

For now only available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the second episode of a spin-off series combining the universe of the JRPG Dragon Quest franchise with a cubic gameplay very strongly inspired by Minecraft , whose success in Japan has continued for more than ten years. No more turn-based combat, therefore, the player is required to build and deconstruct the open world made available to him in a story that directly follows the events of Dragon Quest II , one of the most famous opus in the series released. on NES in 1987.

With the arrival of Dragon Quest Builders 2 , Square Enix once again proves its commitment to Xbox Game Pass – many games from the Japanese publisher are available on Microsoft's service, between the Kingdom Hearts franchise , the deceptively old-fashioned JRPG Octopath Travaler , or the very recent TPS Outriders .

The publisher also confirmed last January the upcoming arrival of Final Fantasy titles still missing on Xbox Game Pass – we are still waiting for Final Fantasy X: HD Remastered or the saga XIII , XIII-2 and Lightining Returns

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