driving drones useful definitions for beginners and advanced pilots

Before you start lifting a drone from the ground, you need to find out as much as possible about the documents required for your model (if it weighs more than 500 grams), how you can use it safely, but also what the meaning is. they have some terms that you may have heard, maybe not. It will help you to know the meaning of words such as: line of sight, pitch, roll, autopilot, gimbal, traking shot, streaming video and much more.

Drones are devices that have gained more and more ground lately. They are used both by those who want to have fun piloting such devices, as well as by photographers, surveyors, military personnel and so on. There are a lot of areas in which they can be used.

When it comes to these devices, a lot of terms are used that can sometimes give us headaches. Here are the most common:

Visual range – this word combination refers to the fact that during driving, you must see the vehicle in order to be able to control it permanently easily.

Controller / remote control / transmitter – all three of these names are used to define the device that pilots use when raising the drone to control it. It has several buttons that must be used for various purposes, and you can find information about them from the manual.

driving  drones useful definitions for beginners and advanced pilots

Pitch – is a term used by specialists and not only to indicate the angle at which your drone model can go up and down.

Yaw – refers to the angle at which your aircraft can turn horizontally.

Roll – we are talking here about the angle at which the device can turn vertically.

Autopilot – in the event that you have a sufficiently high-performance gadget, it will be able to reach certain points on its own, without the need for maintenance from the controller or smartphone. This is possible on autopilot models, where you can set certain GPS coordinates for the device to track.

UAV / UAS – are abbreviations from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, respectively Unmanned Aircraft System, which are names used for unmanned vehicles.

Follow Me – in this case we are talking about one of the functions of a drone. It involves tracking a person or object so that it is easy to go back to base.

Ready To Fly – is the name found in the case of drones that are ready to fly immediately after being removed from the package. You just have to install the battery and enjoy them.

Almost Ready To Fly – this category includes gadgets that still need some additional adjustments, after they are removed from the package. They are usually models for professionals, which cost more.

Quadcopter – this term is used to define a flying vehicle that has four engines.

Multicopter – is the name given to aircraft that have several engines (quadcopter – 4, hexacopter – 6, octocopter – 8).

driving  drones useful definitions for beginners and advanced pilots

Nano – this word is found next to very small drones. Some can be as small as an insect. They are only a few centimeters long and are harder to notice.

Barometric Pressure Sensor – is a technology that is used to give information about the height of the aircraft, using barometric measurements.

Gimbal – this word is used next to the support type accessories, which are able to stabilize the image of the drones that are equipped with the camera, so that the results are as good as possible.

Return to Home – function that makes it possible to return the device from where it left off, everything being done with the help of GPS.

Sense And Avoid – this technology saves you from certain inconveniences, because, through some sensors, the drone should avoid collisions with other devices. But be careful too, because he doesn't see the smaller obstacles as well every time.

No Fly Zone – if you see this inscription somewhere, you should know that drone flying is not accepted in that area, as it is banned by the government.

Video streaming – if the device you buy has such a function, it means that it is able to transmit real-time images with what it is filming from a height.

Drone Reveal Shot – is a pilot maneuver used in cinema. It involves slowly approaching a subject to increase suspense. It starts from a greater distance, gradually approaches and passes the target revealing elements of the decor.

Tracking Shot – is a way to capture images while going parallel to the subject and on some variants it is easier to put into practice, thanks to the ActiveTrack function.

Flying Upward – in this case we are talking about a piloting technique used to film frames that show the contrast between the subject and what is around him. It starts above the target and you must then raise the drone as high as possible to cover as much of the proximity as possible.

driving  drones useful definitions for beginners and advanced pilots

Certificate of airworthiness / flight permit – it is a document that you must obtain from the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, if you want to lift from the ground an unmanned vehicle that weighs more than 15 kg. You will have to submit a series of documents and pay a fee in order to then take action.

RCA insurance – yes, and in this field such insurance is needed, but not always. It is necessary when the aircraft you own weighs more than 20 kilograms.

If you are well enough informed, things will certainly be simpler when you get in possession of a professional drone (you can find some examples compared to us here ) and with a little exercise you will be able to really enjoy everything you can. provide such a device.

If you have not yet found the right model, even if you searched through all the stationary stores, the recommendation we make is to go to online sites that have such products for sale. You will see what a wide range of items there are and what affordable prices they are, especially in certain periods, when there are discounts.

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