Dropbox would test a password manager

Dropbox isn't just about cloud storage. In the space of a few years, the firm has indeed diversified its offer quite a bit, as evidenced by the launch of Paper in 2015. And now, it would like to tackle a whole new market, namely that of managers of Passwords.

This is not a revelation, to protect access to an account, it is imperative to opt for a secure password. And so for a password that is both long and complex.

Dropbox Would Test A Password Manager

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More importantly, it is also recommended that you never use the same password twice to prevent an attack on a service endangering all of your accounts.

Dropbox may soon offer a password manager

But then, in this case, how to memorize dozens of complex passwords?

The answer is simple: go through a password manager. Robust and comprehensive, these tools make it possible to simplify the management of complex passwords and some of them, such as Dashlane for example, are even able to warn their users in the event of a hack.

There are plenty of solutions in this area. And in fact, some publishers have even integrated this type of tool into their programs. Google did it with Chrome, Apple with macOS.

And now, it would be Dropbox's turn to take a step in this direction. At least according to Android Police .

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Dropbox Passwords, only available in private beta

In one of their latest articles, our colleagues report that Dropbox is currently working on a brand new service called Dropbox Passwords. Similar to all other products of the same type, the latter would aim to simplify our lives by helping us to better manage our passwords.

According to the captures obtained by Android Police, the tool would go quite far. Not content with storing our passwords, it would also be able to synchronize and generate them. Everything would of course be encrypted and the interface would be stripped down. Enough in any case to be usable by the greatest number.

However, for the moment, the tool is in private beta and we therefore do not know when it will be possible to use it.

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A capture of Dropbox Passwords

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