Easy capture with Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Garage has just presented a very promising new tool, a tool that should be of great service to you. And that's not even saying it because Snip literally dust off the screenshot. Yes, and something tells me he should be doing you a great favor. It must be said that it includes a lot of very useful functions.

If you want to install it, you will have to go to this page and click on the corresponding button. Snip is only compatible with Windows at the moment and it is in beta.

Easy Capture With Microsoft Snip

Snip should be very popular with anyone who regularly needs to capture their screen.

This also means that it will have to evolve very quickly over the next few weeks.

Snip doesn't stop at the screenshot. It will also allow you to take notes and share content.

It will not be necessary to launch it to use it. Microsoft has done it right and Snip will replace the system's built-in capture tool. All you have to do is press the “Print Screen” key to trigger the capture.

From there, you just have to draw a selection rectangle around the element of your choice to save it.

It will then display it to you in a new window. There, you can record an audio note or annotate the image using your finger or stylus. This shouldn't surprise you, but the tool is really touch-optimized and it won't have a hard time finding its place on a hybrid machine.

Behind, there are also sharing options but they are still limited. Basically, the only thing we can do is send our creation by email to the recipients of our choice. It will not be possible to post it directly to Twitter and Facebook, for example.

In addition, Snip is also able to keep track of all the captures made on the machine. The user will only have to hit the “Library” button to display them on a grid.

There are dozens (hundreds?) Of dedicated solutions, but this tool is extremely easy to use and will even allow you to capture small video clips. Anyway, you have every interest in testing it and something tells me that it shouldn't disappoint you.

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