Electric or gas hob: which is the best choice?

What do we choose: gas hob or electric hob? The answer to the question depends on several factors, as well as personal preference. Read our guide and choose informed.

Which hob is more suitable: gas or electric?

Electric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice There are two main categories when it comes to cooking hobs: gas supply or electric hob. Each guy has his fans or detractors. It seems that the type of hob chosen has a lot to do with the type of hob you grew up with. If you have learned to cook on a gas stove, chances are very high that you prefer this one. However, there are also conversions from gas to electricity, which can be influenced by a multitude of factors.

For example, passionate chefs are more convinced of the versatility and precision offered by the flame of gas hobs . At the same time, parents with young children prefer to switch to electric hobs because they are safer. Families who cook often and much appreciate the ease of cleaning electric hobs.

Electric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice 1 Economic factors also play an important role in choosing the type of hob: depending on where you live, one of the two types of hob may be cheaper to install and use, or be the only option. If the stove or stove you have sticks to your sauces, burns your bacon or spoils your steaks, you probably want to change it. Remember the criteria below when choosing a new hob or stove.

Although a gas stove can run on propane, butane or any other form of bottled liquid gas, most use natural gas as an energy source. But they require a connection to the local gas supplier. Depending on where you live, this can mean very high costs or it is not a viable option.

In many large city suburbs, both natural gas and electricity are available to everyone. In more remote or isolated areas it is unlikely that natural gas pipes will not be available. No matter where you live, the best chances are that electricity will be available. As long as you are connected to the mains, you can use an electric hob without any problems, all you have to do is plug it in. Keep in mind, however, that you will need a well-built and configured electrical network.

Gas stove costs vs. power

Electric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice 2 As with any home investment, choosing a new hob involves carefully weighing both the initial acquisition costs and the long-term operating costs.

Electric hobs are usually more expensive than gas hobs, but the difference is not very big. But when it comes to usage costs, the differences are large enough to become a deciding factor in your choice. In most cases, natural gas is cheaper than electricity. On average, the long-term operating cost of a gas hob is 10 to 30% lower than that of an electric hob.

Gas hob performance vs. power

When it comes to cooking, the main difference between gas and electric hobs is the speed with which they respond to changes in temperature settings . Gas hobs respond instantly, providing precise temperature control necessary for the success of certain dishes. Electric hobs do not respond as quickly, especially when you turn on the heat more slowly or when you turn it off.

Apart from this factor, there are some things that electric hobs cannot do (and gas ones do). These are quick and even browning, toasting or buckling. If you are a passionate home cook, the performance of gas hobs will undoubtedly attract you.

Gas hob safety vs. power

Electric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice 3 When using a gas stove, you are practically cooking it over an open flame. This makes gas hobs more dangerous than electric ones. Whenever there is an open flame there is a risk that pets or children will burn or a flammable object will ignite very easily. In addition, there is also the risk of gas leaks and it is recommended to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Although electric hobs do not come with zero risks, they are usually much safer to use, and the risk of someone burning is minimized. In addition, they are much easier to clean, especially models that have a smooth glass or ceramic hob.

In conclusion, when you are looking to choose between a gas hob or an electric one, choose the one you feel most comfortable with. If you have reservations about using natural gas, or do not feel comfortable cooking over an open flame, choose an electric hob. On the other hand, if you care a lot about operating costs or are passionate about cooking, the gas hob is the best choice. After all, the choice is entirely yours.

Recommended gas hobs

If you have decided to buy a gas hob, you can find below some models that we recommend due to an excellent quality / price ratio.

Recommended electric hobs

For fans of electric hobs everywhere, we still chose some models that we recommend due to an excellent quality / price ratio.

Electric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice 4 Whirlpool ACM802 built-in hobElectric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice 5 Built-in hob Hansa BHIW67377Electric Or Gas Hob Which Is The Right Choice 6 Built-in hob Beko HIC 64502
Type: Induction / Vitroceramics Type: Induction / Glass Type: Electric / Vitroceramic
Number of burners: 4 Number of burners: 4 Number of burners: 4
Power steps: 9 Power steps: 9 Steps of power: 19
Consumption: 7000 W Consumption: 7400 W Consumption: 7450 W
Other functions: Touch keys, Timer, Child protection system, Residual heat indicator, Operation indicator Other functions: Touch control, Timer for each zone, Child access lock, Booster function Other functions: Booster function, Anti-leakage, Residual heat indicator: 7 segments, Overheating safety, Automatic disconnection, Electronic display
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