A faulty setup of your router causes the Wii error code 51330. This causes the device to fail, which means that you can not connect to the internet.

This might sound like a cliché, but it is the router and modem that you can first try to unplug.

Error 51330 Wii

Let them be cut off for a few minutes, then plug into the modem, after you have allowed a lot of time to start and reconfigure correctly. Start your router now, too. Sometimes all it takes to solve the problem is this simple solution.

Error 51330 Wii

In the case of recent encryption or security-related modifications (e.g. WEP for WPA or WPA2 PSK), look again and ensure that the same changes are made on the Wii online consoles.

You may also get this error because you enter the wrong WEP or WPA key. Check that you enter the right security key and be extra careful!

Error 51330 Wii – how to fix it