And Mercedes-Benz unveils 56-inch Hyperscreen display for its cars

Mercedes-Benz has just struck a big blow by unveiling the Hyperscreen, a 56-inch screen designed for the EQS.

Tesla is not the only manufacturer interested in electric cars. Most of the automotive groups have stepped into the breach and Mercedes-Benz is obviously no exception to the rule.

And Mercedes Benz Unveils 56 Inch Hyperscreen Display For Its Cars
Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen Display

Last year, the manufacturer presented the Mercedes EQS, a racy electric sedan which will take a position against the Tesla Model S. Expected for 2022, it will develop up to 350 kW of power with 760 Nm of torque, for a 0 to 100 in just 4.5 seconds.

A 56-inch screen for the Mercedes EQS

Better yet, the EQS will also carry a lithium-ion pack provided by Deutsche Accumotive, with an energy capacity of 100 kWh and an advertised range of 700 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. The vehicle will also support a power of 350 kWh continuously for an 80% charge operable in just 20 minutes.

If the manufacturer has not yet revealed the price of its electric sedan, it continues to distill information drop by drop and the latest relates to its interior.

Mercedes-Benz has indeed lifted the veil on an extraordinary product: the Hyperscreen. A product which, once is not customary, rather aptly bears its name. Behind this term hides a 56-inch touchscreen that will be used as the EQS dashboard. A dashboard which will of course be able to display crucial information such as vehicle speed and remaining range, but which will also allow the driver to control the functions of his car.

And a voice control system as a bonus

Be careful, however, because the Hyperscreen is not made in one piece and it actually consists of several screens. The demarcation between them will, however, be almost invisible.

To go along with it, Mercedes-Benz also unveiled an infotainment system focused on voice commands. Called MBUX, it will allow the driver to control his vehicle by voice, without having to divert his attention from the road.

Interestingly, the system will be able to recognize the person behind the wheel of the car and it will thus display information associated with his profile, such as his personal address book or even his favorite addresses and places.

Concerning the Hyperscreen, 12 actuators have been placed under its tactile surface in order to provide constant haptic feedback. The glass protecting the screen is scratch resistant and it will even include a fingerprint reader.

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