Eubi shorts review 2021

EUBI it’s a clothing company that sells shorts and other fashion accesories,and it seems it’s a growing company on the  market. They started churning out better & bolder designs for the EUBI fam to enjoy.

Eubi All Day Shorts Review
eubi all day shorts review

Eubi has developed a global reputation for quality, cost and customer service. We believe that looking great and feeling confident is a right and not a privilege!

Eubi Yellow Beach Shorts Review
eubi yellow beach shorts review

What says customers about EUBI?


  1. I’m in the market for a pair of home/exercise shorts too and Eubi is spamming me hard on social media. They look fine with unattractive logos imo, a glazed donut as an example. There’s brands kicking around with similar marketing that have bike-short type mesh underneath that’s better if I’m at the gym and I’d opt that way tbh (but they tend to be very camouflage design sadly)

    Eubi Hybrid Shorts Review
    eubi hybrid shorts review

  2. Never heard of the brand, website is heavy af on marketing spin. Trustpilot reviews 3 star and below are worth checking out.

    I’d probably opt for something like a Lululemon Commission short at that price.

    Eubi Blue Swim Shorts Review
    eubi blue swim shorts review

    Maybe someone else will chime in on Eubi specifically though.

  3. Yeah they’re good… we’ll see how long they last with the stretchy waist, I’ve only had mine for a few weeks… all their reviews are sponsored so it’s really hard to get a proper view point… I really really hate that- if it’s a good product let it stand on its own.

    Eubi Lounge Shorts Review
    eubi lounge shorts review

    Are the shorts from EUBI high quality?

  4. Seems both Eubi, and Bottoms Lab, are the exact same company.

    Their products are identical in design except for brand-specific elements, and both companies operate out of the same US address.

    Eubi Shorts Review 2021
    eubi shorts review 2021

    And from reading the trustpilot reviews. same common problems. 

    Eubi Summer Shorts Review
    eubi summer shorts review

More details about products they sell can be found on eubi shorts review page.





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