Europe dreams of its own constellation of satellites

The race for “space communication systems” is on! The European Union has indeed announced its intention to deploy its own giant constellation of communication satellites in order to be able to offer its own high-speed Internet connection, and not depend on the United States.

If we are to believe the information reported by Forbes, the European Commission has launched technical studies on the feasibility of this ambitious project. Among the companies that are already attached to it, we can mention Airbus, Arianespace, Eutelsat, Orange and Thales Alenia Space.

Europe dreams of its own constellation of satellites
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“The study will examine how the space system could improve and connect to current and future critical infrastructure, including terrestrial networks,” the European Commission said in a statement. It will also look at 5G, "while also taking into account the evolution towards 6G technologies to come".

High speed connection 100% made in Europe

The EU does not intend to skimp on the means to strengthen its “digital sovereignty” by having its own c onstellation of communication satellites . Indeed, according to estimates reported by Bloomberg, the total cost of the project should cost in the six to seven billion euros.

The aim of the European Commission is to be able to "provide high speed AND secure connectivity to citizens" without having to go through foreign service providers, such as SpaceX or Amazon. Project participants have one year to determine whether it is indeed feasible or not.

Shade SpaceX and Amazon

In the United States, SpaceX was one of the first to launch the new trend of mega-constellations of communication satellites with Starlink. Eventually, Elon Musk's space company plans to launch at least 42,000 satellites into space within the next few years.

Last year, the giant Amazon also entered the race with its Kuiper project. The same is true for the United Kingdom with the company OneWeb which has already deployed around 100 satellites. China has also announced its intention to launch its own constellations …

Like what, the space vacuum around the Earth risks filling up very quickly! The first estimates indeed suggest that within a few years, more than 100,000 satellites could revolve around our dear planet, in addition to the current 2,500 …

A situation that worries astronomers a lot, because it could interfere with the observation of the sky. Not to mention the risk of collision and all the space waste that will accumulate …

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