Everything about the new Surface Pro 2021

Microsoft held a press conference live from Shanghai this afternoon . The company took the opportunity to lift the veil on a new Surface Pro , exactly as the latest rumors have suggested. More powerful, it is accompanied by new Type Covers giving pride of place to the Alcantara.

If you were expecting a breakup then you might be disappointed. The new model indeed looks a lot like the old one and thus inherits the same chassis, the same materials and the same ergonomics.

Everything About The New Surface Pro

The finishes are therefore extremely neat and this also applies to the arrangement of the rooms inside.

Surface Pro: a slightly revamped model

Microsoft has indeed made some adjustments to improve air circulation. The firm has also developed a new, more discreet fan to make its product as inaudible as possible. Better, for models under Intel Core M3, the firm has even opted for a passive cooling system.

In parallel, the manufacturer has also worked on the foot of the tablet in order to extend its possibilities. In particular, mention is made of a “Studio Mode” in the video, a mode whose name furiously recalls the all-in-one of the American brand.

The associated sequence also emphasizes creativity since it features the Surface Dial and the new tablet stylus.

Microsoft has effectively chosen to make it a little more pressure sensitive, so it will be able to handle 4,096 different pressure levels. Graphic designers and illustrators should therefore have something to enjoy. They can also choose the color of their stylus.

The only downside is that the accessory will no longer be provided and it will therefore have to be purchased separately, for a price set at $ 99.

Multimedia has not been forgotten either and the new Surface Pro will thus be accompanied by new speakers, better quality speakers. On the other hand, the connection does not change a bit and the beautiful therefore skips the USB Type-C. Pity.

Kaby Lake on all floors

On the technical side, the tablet will always come in several different models and they will all run on Kaby Lake. This will have a beneficial impact on their computing power, but also on their autonomy. According to the company, the tablet will be able to last 13.9 hours with a single charge, against nine hours for the Surface Pro 4. Of course, all this remains very theoretical and we will have to wait to have the tablet in hand to find out if the promise made by Microsoft is kept.

Otherwise, well Microsoft also took the opportunity to introduce a new version of the Type Cover Alcantara. It inherits the same design, but it comes in several different colors. On the other hand, it does not integrate a fingerprint reader and it must be admitted that this is quite a shame. Price side, it will cost $ 159 to take advantage of it.

Fortunately, the front camera is still compatible with the famous Windows Hello. In addition, Microsoft has thought about the most nomadic users and its new hybrid machine will therefore be offered in a 4G version.

The selling price starts at $ 799 and shipments will start next month.


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