Everything about the new version of Hangouts for Chrome

Microsoft has Skype, Google has Hangouts and the latter ultimately has little to envy its direct competitor. Even less since last night since the search giant has deployed an update to its application on Chrome and Chrome OS . With quite a few improvements in the pipeline, of course, and some new features that should appeal to some of you. Casually, it deserved an article, right?

As mentioned a little above, this application is available both on the company's browser, and on its operating system. Be careful, however, not to rejoice too quickly because unfortunately not everyone is in the same boat. If you are on OS X, it will be better to go your way because many bugs are to be expected.

Everything About The New Version Of Hangouts For Chrome

Installing Hangouts on Chrome isn't very complicated.

As far as I'm concerned, I chose to install the new version of Hangouts in the Chrome of one of my virtual machines. The one running Windows 10, by the way.

How do I install Hangouts on Chrome?

To use this application, it is not very complicated since you must start by opening your Chrome and going to the application store offered by Google. If you don't know how, or if you're a little lazy (at the same time it's Friday), just click on this link: https://chrome.google.com .

There, in the search field placed in the sidebar, you will only have to enter the term “Hangouts” before validating everything by clicking on the corresponding button.

The results are divided into two distinct areas: the extensions at the bottom , and the applications at the top . It is this insert that interests you, and you will simply click on the first result in the list to open the tool sheet. From there, all you have to do is press the appropriate button to start installing the extension.

Some of you may know it, but all the applications installed in Chrome are now grouped together in a launcher accessible via an icon placed in the taskbar on Windows, or in the dock on OS X. If you want to launch Hangouts, you will have to go find this famous icon, and click on the proposal that goes well.

Hangouts will then start, under your astonished eyes.

Everything About The New Version Of Hangouts For Chrome 1

To launch Hangouts, just one click. As long as you do it in the right place, of course. Because if not… Well that's what, you understood the idea.

How do I use Hangouts on Chrome?

The Hangouts interface is based entirely on … a pastille hanging on the right edge of the screen. A tablet that you can place wherever you want since a simple drag / drop will suffice to walk it through your virtual desktop.

If you click on it, then you will see a list of all your contacts appear, with two tabs at the top. The first displays the heads of your friends while the second groups all your conversations. To start a new discussion, it's very simple, just double-click on the portrait of your correspondent. You will also find a small arrow on its line to access additional options.

The opening of a discussion will be represented by a new pastille placed above the previous one. There is no limit, you can start as many conversations as you want. Each time, you will be entitled to a new pastille and you will then have to click on the image of your choice to jump from one conversation to another.

Simple and fast. Afterwards, of course, you can communicate using text messages, or even send your guests pictures and drawings. If necessary, you can also start an audio or video conversation by clicking on the buttons at the top of the conversation window.

Everything About The New Version Of Hangouts For Chrome 2

It's very easy to use Hangouts on Chrome.

This new version of Hangouts is a nice surprise. Its main strength is that it will allow us to always keep an eye on our exchanges, without preventing us from doing our job. On this, Skype is lagging behind, although Microsoft has made a lot of effort lately to try to reverse the trend.

The latest version of the software is a good example.

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