Everything about what a blog is for and what it is

Everything about what a blog is for and what it is

Although their popularity has declined with the advent of video content and its entry into the mainstream, blogs are still sought after and necessary, even for businesses or those who want to sell something, either information, products or experiences. So what is a blog? How can he help you? Find out in this short article.

Although we are in the 21st century, there are many who do not know what a blog is and how to use it to its advantage. Although it is not a problem, it can be an opportunity for those who have something to promote or sell something because it will bring them closer to potential buyers. We tell you in these lines what to expect and how you can use such a relaxation platform.

What is a blog

For the blog there is a simple definition, this being a word that comes from the English "web log" which translates as "journal on the Internet". It is described by a text journal published online that will include various posts, articles with personal content regularly updated or constantly updated. Basically, you post all kinds of events, thoughts, opinions, content of all kinds.

Each update will be accompanied by a new text that will appear first on the respective page (reverse chronological order). Usually the content is not restricted by a payment system . The term "blog" itself is attributed to John Berger, who launched the weblog in 1997.

Today we can say that what blog means has changed considerably, evolving into real portals where you can get access to an entire community and where you can sell your services or products , and can get, in some cases, considerable income.

Everything about what a blog is for and what it is

How to make a blog

It is not at all difficult to learn how to make a blog from scratch, you only need to have experience in writing on Word and in sending emails, possibly. If you are not interested, at least for the moment, in monetizing the project, you will find platforms on which you can blog for free . You just have to think and use an interesting name that will arouse the curiosity of potential visitors.

If the creation of a blog is intended to be free, keep in mind that you will be subject to limitations and that revenue generation may be minimal or difficult to achieve. First of all, the domain will not be yours, so you are at the mercy of the owner if the site resists or not, and you can not run what ads you want, but only some general ones, in small numbers. Last but not least, the URL and the site itself may look unprofessional, so they will not be trusted by a potential visitor.

To have a profitable blog, you have to be careful when choosing where it is and what it looks like. And it can only cost a few euros a month to have your own personalized domain. Here are some things to consider:

  • Domain name (site name as it appears in the search bar – after all, what is a blog without its own identity?)
  • The chosen hosting company (there are services that can help you in the sense that I prepare the entire site for you, but it will no longer be a free blog)
  • How you use WordPress and its plugins
  • The chosen WordPress theme, which will give a general look specific to the blog
  • Creating, posting and optimizing articles after publication
  • Involvement in the specific community of the niche you have chosen to develop.

You can make money from the blog in a few months from launch if you choose a niche with traction, if you are persevering and if you dedicate a lot of time to your project, of course. We also don't forget that touch of luck and originality that attracts parts of the public.

Why make one and how much money you earn from the blog

How do other Romanians make a profitable blog? They confidently choose the niche they write about or manage to catch on to the public over time, organically, either through a single post that explodes, or through content that is shared on social networks, among others.

How do you usually make money from blogging? Such a site can be useful because it becomes a tool used in your own branding or in the products or services sold, helping you to gain visibility, knowledge and monetary benefits, why not?

Your own blog can be a communication tool in terms of the fact that your readers can interact with you and, over time, you can build a close community with a vision similar to yours.

Of course, there are many who think "I want to make a blog and make money from it", but in practice things can be different, if you fail to capture some of the audience. In some niches you can make money from affiliate links, in others from sponsorships or advertorials.

You can more easily promote your own service or product, if you want or have this ambition, or if you already have a business.

Last but not least, even if the main goal is not to make money, you can use a personal blog if you want to give the world information and opinions, being also a contribution to improving society. All you need is a laptop or a phone and a power bank at hand for the moments when you run out of battery.

Everything about what a blog is for and what it is

How to create a blog on profitable or fashionable niches nowadays

Nice is the field you will refer to and which you will develop in your posts, presenting first information on how you will monetize your site at some point. First of all, it is important to write about a field in which you have experience or which you like, because it will be easier for you to write and gather the audience. How to make a successful blog? Choose one of the following niches, if you have experience or a passion for such information, of course:

  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • diets
  • Fashion
  • finance
  • Relations
  • Automotive
  • DIY – Do It Yourself
  • Educational articles
  • Product tops.

Finally, it matters what package of knowledge you set out on and what aspirations you have for that blog. It can be more personal, more aimed at the audience or you can lay the foundations of a business in your free time, the choice remains yours.

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