Everything you need to know about Netflix in your country

Everything you need to know about Netflix in your country

Find some information about Netflix Romania, opinions, impressions, tutorials and how to make an account from this article, along with things about what you can find on this network of streaming video content, from movies and series to types of subscriptions and the advantages of holding such an account.

Surely you have already heard about the Netflix Romania streaming network, opinions existing all over the Internet on how it helps – or not – to pass the time faster, to relax or to have pleasant moments in the company of content you like. your. In recent years, it has become the most popular service worldwide, being found in over 190 countries and territories, attracting hundreds of millions of viewers per month. What makes the provider so popular and what is the price of Netflix? Find out below:

What is Netflix

First, we will tell you something about this streaming service that was launched in 1998 in California, USA, which currently has over 7000 employees. Its main business scope is to sell services based on Netflix subscription or subscription through which the user has access to multimedia content, in this case popular movies and series, reaching to produce his own original content with which he won brand awards, in especially Golden Globes. It is found all over the world, except in North Korea, China, Crimea and Syria.

Currently, there are over 190 million paid accounts, which can be shared with even more users. According to statistics published on Market.us, 35% of users use the service alone, while 30% share it with someone dear, 19% share it with three other people, and 16% with two other people.

It is by far the most popular streaming platform in the US, with over 25% of traffic, surpassing YouTube.

Everything you need to know about Netflix in your country

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