Extend your WiFi with the Xiaomi repeater price

Gearbest offers a new reduction on the WiFi repeater from Xiaomi, and more precisely on the Repeater Pro 300M It places the product at the price of 10 € with the code V6657DF3C0153001 . Maybe now is the time to give it a try.

The product is sold new, and it will be shipped from China and it comes with an adapter to allow us to plug it into our European outlets. Delivery times will depend on the formula chosen when ordering.

Extend your WiFi with the Xiaomi repeater price

This offer is valid for 22 days. As always, the promotional code set up has a limited number of activations and stocks are of course not inexhaustible.

The inexpensive WiFi repeater

WiFi, as you probably know, has a limited range. In theory, it can cover over a hundred meters, but it really depends on where the router is placed. Indoors, the signal range is generally between 12 and 35 meters.

Worse, the farther away the connecting device is from the router, the more the signal degrades.

This is precisely the raison d'être of WiFi repeaters. Thanks to these devices, it is possible to repeat and amplify a WiFi signal to cover a larger area.

There are many dedicated solutions on the market and Xiaomi is precisely one of the companies that offer WiFi repeaters to consumers. The WiFi Repeater Pro 300M is one of them.

He is one of them, and he has a few strengths to make. Including a limited footprint since it will be plugged directly into a wall outlet. The case of the device is also more compact and Xiaomi has chosen to dye it dark gray so that it does not catch the eye.

Installing the repeater is not complicated and you just need to follow three steps to configure it. The speeds can also reach 300 Mbps and each repeater can connect to a maximum of 64 different devices.

The price / quality ratio of this product is therefore interesting, and even more so with this discount.

Buy the Xiaomi WiFi Repeater Pro 300M at 10 €

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