Facebook Advertising Integrity Chief Has Left

Facebook's head of advertising integrity, Rob Leathern left the company last week. “ After almost 4 years, I made the difficult decision to quit Facebook and 12/30/20 was my last day at FB, ” read a post on Twitter .

Leathern's decision to quit Facebook was not made overnight. The former director of product management for the social network has already been thinking about it for a long time. The resigning indeed announced his departure at the beginning of December 2020 in a press release published on the internal network of the company.

Facebook Advertising Integrity Chief Has Left

Leathern is best known for his work on managing Facebook ad products. 2020 has really not been an easy year for his team as some users have used the social media platform to spread false information about the coronavirus and the US presidential election.

To limit breakage, Leathern and his associates had to implement strategies such as censoring anti-vaccine ads and banning political ads.

Grateful Leathern

Leathern considers his time at Facebook to be his “ most rewarding professional experience ”. According to him, the former director of advertising products for the social network was able to learn a lot of things thanks to the passion and dedication of his team.

Leathern further announced that working on Facebook brought him joy despite the difficulty of the profession. “ I had a great experience in a challenging, fun, growing and influential role within the company, working with amazing people. I was honored to call them colleagues, ”he said in his post.

Next post unknown

The resigned did not give details about his professional plans. He just claimed to have found "such a unique opportunity " that he finally decided to quit Facebook.

Without being more explicit, Leathern argued that he "is not going to work directly on the ads, but that will be part of his job because he will stay in the technology / data / privacy space ".

The former Facebook employee further indicates in his post that he will discuss his next business in a few days.

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