Facebook News in France before the end of the year

Facebook News will be launched outside of the United States in the coming months. In addition to Germany, Brazil and the United Kingdom, France is one of the countries that will benefit from this international deployment of the press service of the world's number one social networks.

Launched in 2019, Facebook News is, as its name suggests, an online news service. For now, it is only available in the United States, but given its success, Facebook is now planning to roll it out internationally. This at least suggests that a statement published on the official company blog.

Facebook News in France before the end of the year

Facebook News will soon be available in France (Facebook credits)

“The launch of Facebook News on American soil marked a new chapter in our relationship with the news industry and it's a good start. Built on editor feedback and people's ideas, it's a personalized platform for news on Facebook, ” said Campbell Brown, Facebook vice president of international partnerships for the service. News.

To this end, the firm will work in close collaboration with publishers located in each country in order to offer relevant content and in line with local realities.

A boon for publishers

In concrete terms, in addition to offering articles written by Facebook journalists themselves, Facebook News will take over content from third-party publishers. To avoid any controversy over neighboring rights, the social network will pay them.

"In each country, we will pay news editors to make sure their content is available on the new service," the statement read.

As part of this international launch, Facebook plans to roll out its “News” section in at least five countries over the next six months. The service will be made available in particular in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, India and Brazil. It's unclear if other countries will be on the list anytime soon, but given Facebook's international ambitions, it should.

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Bring innovation to create a sustainable ecosystem

Facebook believes that the information industry needs innovation in order to sustain the sector. “Innovation is essential to creating a sustainable news ecosystem. We will continue to create new products and make global investments to help the information industry build sustainable business models , concluded Campbell Brown.

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