Facebook smart glasses coming soon, but without RA

Facebook's connected glasses will be released "sooner or later this year". Users may nevertheless be disappointed given that Zuckerberg's firm will ignore augmented reality (AR).

We know since 2017 that Facebook is working on connected glasses. However, it is clear that the project has been a little discreet in recent months. Bloomberg is now reporting another twist to us . According to this outlet, Andrew Bosworth, product manager at Facebook, recently provided new details. If this senior official is to be believed, the famous pair of smart glasses will be launched later this year. Developed in partnership with Ray Ban and Luxottica Group SpA, it will be able to synchronize with other devices and will offer multiple functions.

Facebook smart glasses coming soon, but without RA

Facebook's connected glasses will be released this year – Credits Pixabay

Bosworth revealed a major lack, however.

No augmented reality

As reported by the media cited above, Facebook's connected glasses will ignore augmented reality. In other words, users will not be able to overlay digital objects on what they see in the real world. “These are connected glasses. They certainly offer a lot of features, [but] we're quite hesitant about which ones are available, ” said Bosworth.

"We are enthusiastic about it, but we do not want to do too much," added the latter while stressing that Facebook prefers to use the term "smart glasses" to call the gadget instead of "AR glasses". A statement to say the least surprising when we know that the firm would employ nearly 6,000 people in its AR and VR department. A high number compared to the number of staff in charge of Instagram and WhatsApp.

"The next IT platform after the smartphone"

Anyway, Mark Zuckerberg has never hidden his interest in VR and AR (augmented reality. He even considers connected glasses as the next computer platform after the smartphone. While waiting for the launch of his own, remember that the world of smart glasses has other players, to name only Google (Google Glass) and Snapchat (Spectacles). Apple is also developing a similar device.

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